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Hi My name is Senam aka SistaTV and Here is a picture of me living my VERY BEST LIFE at the Blue Harbor Resort in SheBoygan, Wisconsin… If you can’t tell from that big ole cheese on my face …Long story short…. this Blue Harbor Resort Review is basically 100% positive ALL ACROSS THE BOARD… Excellent!

Single Mom Travel Blue HarborResort Reviw


WE LOVED IT. It was amazing. IT IS SPECTACULAR and you should go right now.Like literally, pack up yourself, your kids and get in the car and GOOOOO to the Blue Harbor Resort now. This is NOT a SPONSORED review. I paid for everything myself and ain’t nobody paid me to say nothing… This is the truth, Ruth… Worth every dime. There will be a Youtube Blue Harbor Resort review on my SistaTV Channel soon but for Now here is a hilarious live video I did going down one of the water slides on FaceBook.

Also side not for those of you who are asking about the waterproof bag I use for my phone I got it from amazon and it was like 8 bucks and I used it on the cruise and like four other times and it worked wonderfully!! Click here to get your own water proof bag for your phone

Now on to the long story… LOL…

So I need heat… You would think being raised in a family full of Ghanaians, I would have figured out how deeply I need sun, sand, warmth and water… But alas here I am a full 37 glorious years old and I am just now catching the hint…

Even more surprising than that is the very surprising clutch your pearls discovery, I had when we went on the cruise earlier this year….

I love being in my swimsuit. LOVE IT. LOVE IT. Oh yes friends I LOVE IT. Nothing I love more than stuffing all of the glorious plushness that is my post 3 KidTV’s big old mom bod into a bright beautiful Fatkini and floating the day away in a pool, a beach, or lounging along side a pool or a beach… I just feel free and beautiful and fat and fine and happy… I know so many of you are reading this thinking… A fat girl fine with her body in a swimsuit…


Girl… I know… It came as a complete surprise to me too…  I was like…

SistaTV: Girl what?

and then my belly was like “Girl YAS.”


SistaTV’s Belly: ” Girl shut up and drape me in the finest of spandex and swimsuit materials and let’s do this…”

So I DID ( See here and here) and we DOOOO THIS …

There is some metaphor about loving yourself and freedom, and getting grown and all that good stuff but Sugar… My life is a living testimony to that… That is not what you are here for today… Today, you are here for the tea and the deets. So I shall provide, so you can get ta sipping….

So I live in Chicago… And this may come as a real surprise to you… I don’t get a lot of oppurtunities to be getting my life my swimsuits in the fallwinterspring mashup that Global Warming has provided…

Chicago Winter is not a JOKE bruh… Chicago winter is Not like “whoops… There seems to be a chill in the air I should have taken a sweater” kind of winter… NOPE. This is Chicago… If we are going to do it… BABY we are going to do it… So when I say Chicago winters are serious I mean…

This is What Lake shore drive looks like on glorious, beautiful, wondrous, summer Chicago days:


Image from

And this is a picture of this exact same road during what the rest of the world calls snowmaggedon…. But what Chicagoans affectionately call “Any Given Tuesday.”


Photo Credit E. Jason Wambsgans / Chicago Tribune


Same road. Way different situation.

So inevitably at some point the weather, the cold, the snow, the countless layers you need to put on to get the mail with out becoming an icicle can start to weigh on your soul, freeze your spirit, and begin to corrode even the sunniest of dispositions.

Yep… Even special snowflake unicorn me. All of the yucky, freezing days had really started to get to me and I needed a break. My first move was to start looking at some flights to warmer climates. Realizing how much I desperately love it and need it… I thought what could POSSIBLY be ANY better than a Christmas on a beach in a California, Texas, or Florida Hawaii…  Oh I know… Paying my bills and being able to afford to feed these three kiddos that insist on calling me Mommy… Cause those prices were CRAYYY…


And who has time for CRAYY? Not me. It just didn’t make sense to spend that kind of money, for a few short days in the sun…Never mind the hassle of navigating through airports, whose weekend is whoms, and all that would be needed to get me and the three where ever we’d like to go.

So I put my google fu to work and for a while there the options were SLIM as ever.

Here is what I was looking for:

  • Affordable pricing: We went over this already but while millionaire and billionaire status are in my future… I’m just not there as of this moment.I will be cashing them billionaire checks into my account real soon but just not yet…  #seewhatididthere #lawofattractionbelike #imveryrich
  • An indoor waterpark – Jesus did not die on the cross for me to be Polar Plunging. I will donate… but that jump? Nah… I needed it to be indoor and warm. Also not like SUPER HUGE. Cause I’m trying to float in the pool and let these kids live. Not chase them around a gargantuan death trap with waterfalls for added anxiety… Ya dig?
  • Clean Comfortable room with my own bed – I am a single mother of three children. I have suffered enough…  I kid, I kid. But sleeping in one fullsize bed with all three of the KidTVs is not my idea of an enjoyable vacation. I needed at least 2 beds and that room had better be spotless.
  • Short Drive from Chicago/The burbs: I really, really didn’t want to spend 7 hours driving each way because as we have noted in the bullet point above… I am a single mother of three children… I have suffered enough. 14hours in the car with 3 kids over 3 days? Not Today, Satan. NOT TODAY.
  • Food and refreshments on site and nearby: I like tasty snacks. The KidTVs like tasty snacks. I didn’t want to have to hike it 45 minutes to the one Toxic Bell/Arbys/Long John Silver miles from some secluded location after being in the pool all day.
  • Available: Rooms available ( unlike Kelly Price) and it not to be so crowded we wouldn’t enjoy our selves. 

So I thought none of this was going to be super hard to find… but baby you would be surprised.

I looked at Key Lime Cove in the Chicago Area and the reviews were less than stellar and we’d been there once when LittleSistaTV was 2 and she messed around and caught HAND FOOT AND MOUTH DISEASE… So…

no for me dawg

I found some in the famed Wisconsin Dell Area and I was TAKEN ABACK at the prices… Like for serious?I mean, I get that it is Christmas break and I was planning a last minute winter family travel trip but everything I was looking at was a $1000 and above before food and most of the activites for just 2 days!!! Also none of the options hit all of the points that I wanted above. Too far, too much, too small, too NOPE.

But because Jesus is still on the throne and my Google-Fu has NEVER EVER let me down… I found the GLORRAAYYY that is the Blue Harbor Resort in Sheboygan, Wisconsin

SweaterGawd…. When I saw the pictures I thought… This is fake right? I searched for Blue Harbor Resort Reviews and I couldn’t really find any that were very thorough and current… So I was convinced there was some tomfoolery at hand. I thought, “I’m going to book me and the KidTVS on this vacation and it’s going to turn out like that Chilligan’s Island episode on Martin? Cause AINT NO WAY this is less than a 3 hour drive from my house and I have never heard of it.”

But it’s real ya’ll…  and I had never heard of it and maybe you haven’t either but, ” HERE SISTATV IS TO SAVE THE DAY with a complete Blue Harbor Resort Review!”

So let’s talk turkey. I booked us for a 2 night stay from December 25th to December 27th. I was lucky enough to find the Family Fun Package that was a truly amazing deal for all we got.

I’m not sure why it doesn’t make this clear on the website but this package also include foour free tickets to the park. So remember on top of all that was included below you also get 4 free tickets to the park for the ENTIRE LENGTH OF YOUR STAY:

Blue Harbor Resort Family Fun Package

Use Promo Code FAMILYFUN

This inclusive family fun package has all the elements you need for a memorable family getaway. Included in your package is:

Overnight stay in one of our comfortable Family Suites

  • 2 VIK (Very Important Kid) packs – Each pack includes 1 free round of mini glow golf, 1 free children’s entrée with purchase of 1 adult entrée, 1 free scoop of Ice Cream from Shoreline Café, 1 Build-Your-Own-Animal in The Boutique, 10% off merchandise purchase from The Boutique or Washed Ashore Gift Shops
  • 1 $50 food and beverage credit
  • 1 certificate for $20 in arcade credit.

Here is a pic of it on their website: screen-shot-2016-12-27-at-9-06-44-am


So for the dates I booked. With taxes and all that Jazz the total trip for all 4 of us for 2 nights and 3 days was $389.42. IN TOTAL…

Now to be clear. That includes the waterpark passes that are $29 EACH a day. And with this deal. We got the passes when we checked in on the 25th and had full and complete access to the waterpark. All day on the 26th and the 27th as well… 9am to 10PM. AND we had $50 Credit for food and Drink. And $20 at the arcade And 2 of the VIK Very important kid packs That included (1 free round of mini glow golf, 1 free children’s entrée with purchase of 1 adult entrée, 1 free scoop of Ice Cream from Shoreline Café, 1 Build-Your-Own-Animal in The Boutique, 10% off merchandise purchase from The Boutique or Washed Ashore Gift Shops).

So far from my list… AFFORDABLE PRICING:  CHECK!

So even though I was apprehensive… I booked it asap on Dec 23rd and kept my mouth shut waiting to surprise the Kid TVS on Christmas Morning.


They had no idea and woke up on Christmas morning to this on our little sad raggedy thrift store tree:

Blue harbor Resort Review SistaTV


They were confused but super excited. Little SistaTV kept saying we are going like right now? Like now now? To the Wisconsin Dells? Yes now. No. Blue harbor. Get in the car, sis.

So we loaded up the car and were on the way. The ride up was 2 hours and 44 minute from my house to their door. Quick and easy ride filled with me happily singing to my 90s jams while Solstice rolled her little tweeny eyes at my old people music and played on her phone and the boys Pokemon-ed for DopeyChu or PikaGOButt or whatever.SistaTV RoadTrip


Short Drive from Chicago/The burbs: CHECK!!

Short easy trip and super easy to get there with my GPS BAE: WAZE. I’m not going to lie… I was really nervous that for all that we were getting the rooms, food, and park were going to be super raggedy. I still had visions of Chilligan’s Island dancing in my head…  But BABY…  As soon as I hit the turn and pulled up all those fears were gone. IT was amazing. Truly gorgeous. It’s literall steps from Lake Michigan so you can hear the beautiful calming waters and waves. Almost Majestic.

Blue Harbor Resort Review


The kids all oohed and ahhed as we walked in the grand lobby. It was all decked out in Christmas decorations and it’s truly beautiful. I filmed a little clip of us walking in so make sure to check out my youtube channel for that hilarity. LOL.

Blue Harbor Resort Christmas Break Vacation

Blue Harbor Resort Review SistaTV

Blue Harbor Resort Lobby



We Checked in with Adam at the front desk. He was super friendly and welcomed us with excellent Christmas cheer and some great jokes. Since the package I booked only included 2 Very Important Kid Packs (VIK). I had to pay an additional $25 So all of the three little birds could get one. At the time I thought $25 bucks seems kind of high but after seeing the value of all that we actually got I am so very pleased.

Adam also gave me the schedule of Holiday kids club events that the kids could go to. Some of them had a small fee attached to them. We didn’t end up doing any of them but it was a nice option to have available.

Chicago Family Travel Blog SistaTV

Adam also gave us our water park passes to the water park. The Blue Harbor Waterpark is officially called Breaker Bay and it was open til 10pm every night we were there. You don’t have to leave the property or go outside to get to it. So no worries about the cold AND it is always 84 degrees in the park!!!

I asked Adam to make sure I had booked a great room close to the waterpark and he assured me it was a great choice. I booked a Family Lakeview Suite and it exceeded our expectations completely.

Clean Comfortable room with my own bed: CHECK BABY CHECK BABY 1. 2. 3. 4!!! 

Blue Harbor Family Suite SistaTV


2 really comfy Queen Sized Beds, a microwave, and a fridge, and a pull out couch just over that little wall partition. LittleSistaTV LOVED having her own queen bed and TwinATV and TwinBTV loved having the little partition to separate their little room with their pull out bed. Apparently there was good Pokemon catching to be done. So all was well.

Blue Harbor Family lakeview Suite

Blue Harbor Resort Review. Chicago Family Travel

So behind those curtains was the balcony that overlooked Lake Michigan and the resort grounds and it was gorgeous. The kids loved it out there but the sun was really hating on all three of us getting a good picture out there….

Blue Harbor Resort Review

SIngle Mom Travel Sheboygan Wisconsin

Family Winter break Trips Chicago




So as soon as we got settled we got in to our swimsuits and cover ups right away to see what Breaker Bay was all about. But first let’s taken an Usie!

Breaker Bay Water Park Review


It was only one floor down and a short 2 minute walk to the park and….breaker bay blue harbor review

As soon as I opened the door and felt the 84 degrees, I was alll smiles!

Blue Harbor Water  Review

It is by no means a super huge water perfect but it’s not a super teeny one either. It was the absolute perfect size for me and the three little birds.

Blue Harbor Family Travel Review

I could see them from almost anywhere, I was in the park and it was extremely easy to keep track of who was doing what and what time. As a single mom traveling these kinds of things are super important to me…. And Blue Harborwas EXACTLY what I was looking for.

Chicago Family Weekend Travel Blog SistaTV


Chicago Indoor Water Park Review

An indoor waterpark: CH-CH-CH- CHECK!!

Also Added bonus! THE RIP TIDE!!

RipTide surfing at Breaker Bay

At the Breaker Bay at Blue Harbor has The Riptide, the only double surf simulator in eastern Wisconsin. So we have gone to water parks and there was even one on the cruise that we went to but these Surf Stilmulator things have ALWAYS had an additional cost per ride when we’ve encountered them.

BUT AT the Blue HARBOR RESORT IT WAS FREEEEEEEEE with your Breaker Bay Water Park entrance.

Like SWEATER GAWD… based on any of the things listed above  alone I would have already been giving a 10 star Blue Harbor Resort Review. But this added value and general awesomeness of the park the room and everything else pushes this Blue Harbor Resort Review to the stratosphere.

Because the park is not huge the lines were reasonable and the kids each went a couple times and really had a blast… I am old and did not try it… But I will for sure next time.

So back to the Family Fun pack. When we checked in I got a $50.00 food and Beverage Gift Card and 3 coupons for Buy One get One Free Kids Meals. There was a great little snack shop in the Water Park so I busted out my card and my coupons and got a ton of food for about 17 or so bucks. The kids meals aren’t listed on the menu here but it was  chicken tenders, burgers, hot dog  fries and a drink…

Breaker Bay Review

Food and refreshments on site and nearby: CHECKKKKKK!!!

Tragically, my phone died before I could get a good pick of the food but the kids ate it all up. Here is a picture of TwinATV with his pizza from Day 2 room service!.

Chicago Family Weekend Road Trip Review SistaTV.Com


So that Brings us to the The first day of our trip and the end of the part of my Blue Harbor Resort Review. Come back for more soon. But Overall I was super duper pleased with all aspects of the trip. I’ll talk about this more in the next part of the review but everything was abaolutely spectacular. The only slight hiccups was the internet was a teeny bit slow but seriously that was for like about a 2 hour span and realistically… I was on vacation… i shouldn’t have been trying to work anyway…

The most important thing for me was that the Kid TVs LOVEEDDDD it. They had a blast and already want to know when we can go back… I’m thinking of planning our family vacay there for the summer. Or even a road trip with some of the ladies and kids from my Single Mom Support Group: Sole Moms. They have some larger villas and suites that you can book for larger parties.

Blue Harbor Resort Review SistaTV


If you are looking for an excellent Chicago Area weekend family road trip you can not go wrong with The Blue Harbor Resort in Sheboygan.

We loved it and SistaTV Loves you!! Till I see you again… Tell yourself you love yourself and treat yourself like it with a much needed vacation!!!




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Everybody says that all the time now.




I know we all kind of say it very tongue in cheek most times but lately I’ve been thinking about them very seriously. I like goals… Scratch that… I love smashing goals…

The sense of accomplishment I get from a met goal is remarkable and so motivating for me to get to my next one.

And I know that they always say if you write down your goal it’s like 9999999999.99% more likely to come to fruition and that sounds like #goals to me.


August 2016 Goals

Write goals down on paper.
Take pic of said goals.
Post to blog.

August goals

I’m blurring some of them out cause I ain’t tryna have y’all all in my business like that but I’m hopeful that I will do some real damage to this list over the next few weeks. ETA: I got one thing crossed off my list even before I posted this blog. #magic

Also, I just wanted to note that I know that my handwriting is atrocious and there are misspelling and random nonsense on the list but this is what It really is for me and you know my life motto is DONE not perfect so there SHE BLOWS… I’ve been reading bullet journal blogs and obsessing about rocking my handwriting but mehh… Maybe that will be on my September goals.

Anyway, Earlier today I looked up how many days until the new year and there are only 141 days left… 141 days really sounds like nothing and something to me. In so many ways, I’m so far from where I was on Jan 1, 2016.  I am literally vibrating with excitement with where my life and goals will be on Jan 1, 2017…. and that feels real good and I guess that has always been the real goal.


SistaTV Loves you.


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Gym. Tan. Laundry!

Or something like that. I have watched and enjoyed Jersey Shore approximately negative zero times. So if you are here looking for some Jersey Shore nostalgia and/or love from me for them.


Click off. And Google “What is my life?” and carry on with your day. LOL.


So if you remember last month… I’ve been obessesing about going to a gym. Mostly because I want to crush life just as beautifully as this fat black yoga-ing super hero that you should watch HERE:

Isn’t that AMAZING??? Like I’ll be honest… I screamed when they showed that full on shot of her and her belly cause man listen… Me and My belly. We be her. lol.. But you know what? Me and my belly really really really REALLY want to be as flexible, healthy, strong and in love with and unashamed of my body as her… and we aren’t. And there is very little excuse why we shouldn’t be.

I mean moving my body physically ALWAYS feels good to me. I freaking love that shit. I have never left the gym not feeling like a freaking Teenage Mutant Wonder Woman.

So I’m sucking it up.

Not in, Darling.


I’m sucking it up and I now find myself about 3.2 seconds away from signing up for a gym cause I love the gym and I found one, I had no idea it even existed. Et tu yelp.

Anyway, it has basically everything from last months list except for two things that are pretty major. No pool and one of the managers there is a major Trump supporter. Like major.

Like he’s an almost comical sterotype of what a Trump supporter is. He posts and reposts ridiculous memes and completely unresearched, completely false meme and infographics and when people question him on Trump’s policies, experiences, or pretty much anything he says things like. Get a JOB HIPPIE! Like a freaking modern day Archie Bunker minus the lovable sense of humor, decency, and kindness.

However… our interaction was good. Almost awesome in fact. He was kind, nice, professional, and pleasant. So, I’m going to check out the gym for a few more days. I’ll be honest. I don’t want to join strictly because of what he posted on his social media. But that’s his social media right? If he doesn’t care to use the google to find out how 99% of the facts and information he posted is completely false… I guess that his prerogative? He would probably write the same thing about me with my Bernie Loving, Obama supporting, Trump despising self. “She’s so dumb, bro!”

But maybe if we met each other as two good people, two hard working kind people who love our families, our lives and can be mutually respectful of each other we can each learn something from each other and figure this mess that America is becoming.

So, I’ll treat him with the same kindness and respect that I show all other human beings. And I’ll hope that when he interacts with me he’ll do the same. I wish I had some nice way to wrap this up. Some glimmer of hope and understanding that would make me feel safe knowing that I live in a world where seemingly decent people are able to overlook the very real indecencies of Trump and what his truly divisive campaign and possible policies could mean for our country because ???? Man, I don’t even know why they want to do that… But I want to be more healthy. I want to run and sweat and stretch and zumba and YOGA in a room full of black and brown and white and every one of us all. So, I’ll work it out on the treadmill and I’ll namaste him as much as I can with my fat black girl yoga powers… And I think that’s all I’ve got to say about that…

Wait one more thing.

Watch her again:

Namaste, bitches.

SistaTV loves you, Feeling the Bern, and Gym, Think, and Life.

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Okay so let’s see…

So the thing that keeps running through my head the most is: The only two emotions are fear and Love. Less fear. More love. Okay, dudes? K.


YNAB ( You need a budget) is all the bae you will ever need. It’s really life altering. I have all kinds of goof ass issues around money. But almost all of it is based in Fear with a capital F. YNAB is helping me to view money and bills and all that stuff with Love with a capital L. Its a process but when I do use it and actually do it is definitely more love most times. Admittedly, when I have less than I want and need the fear creeps up. HOWEVER. I always have enough. Mostly, by miracles cause Jesus is the homie but also by ME. Cause I’m out here doing it. And I’m doing a pretty bang up job.

So the thing about YNAB is that ” Every dollar has a job” So when you get income you assign every dollar a job by category and that’s that. This month, I decided that I didn’t want to assign ANY dollars to eating out. This  was a big deal because eating out is one of my most favorite things ever. But Looking over the purchases from my restaurants categories I realized I wasn’t using that money for very many enjoyable and really lovely eating out experiences. I took the kids to a brazillian steakhouse well worth the exorbitant price. They loved it and we had a blast.   But for the most part, I’ve been using the money that I’ve assigned to this category for like quick drive through runs for quick dinners to places that I don’t want to give any of my eating out money too. So I cooked and planned ahead and save for a few emergency slip ups. We did great and I saved a ton of money.

I think the most important thing that happens with the YNAB is that knowing that every dollar has a job makes me think really carefully about the assignment I want to send them on. Like if I have $20 bucks left do I really want to spend 5 bucks hear and there on some random value meals? Or do I want to take the $20 and go to that new amazing restaurant I’ve been dying to try? It’s a pretty easy choice for me.


I am unhealthily obsessing over getting a gym membership. I really, REALLY, REALLY, like going to the GYM. LIKE REALLY. When I get into a groove and go regularly. That shit is like AIR to me. But here are the things:

1. I like going to the gym whenever the fleek I want to. Sometimes at 3am, I want to run until I almost vomit on the treadmill and then cool myself down by jumping in the pool. I like going at 6:23AM when all the lunkheads are just feeling that wave of roid rage hit. Or at 11:16 when the Mocha Moms, elderly ladies, and I go and Zumba are asses off. Or right at 5:30pm when we all stand and impatiently wait for the folks who beat the rush hour to get off of the F-ing elliptical already.

2. I mentioned this above but I NEED a freaking pool and a hot tub. I know most gym pools are cesspools but lawd. I live for that after workout hot tub time. The joy I feel from literally sitting there boiling in my own filth with 3 old ladies, a dirty old man and at least 4 couples trying to casually HJ each other is remarkable.

3. I need childcare. I RARELY leave the kids with anyone ever at all I actually actively go out of my way to plan my life so that I’m available and present with these jokers. Every other weekend, I can sophistiratchet , kick it karate, and boo and bae it up but the rest of that time if for the KidTV’s. It works and it Non-Negotiable. HOWEVER, I also love the HELL out of zumba, cardio kickboxing, hip-hop yoga, or what ever other ridiculous group fitness classes that are all the rage at the moment. And those are ALWAYS during the worst times ever. So I’m okay with spending 2 of those hours, Swiveling my hips to the musical stylings of Pitbull while the kids play and lick germs off the other kids in the Daycare area.

4. I AM NOT PAYING 50-11 gamillion dollars, hoe. So this is where I need to kind of figure it out right? So that $20 for that ONE nice meal at the new restaurant we talked about earlier? YASS GAWD. Only $20 for one meal? That is an amazing value. I’ll take 4 please. BUT $29 a month for the GYM? Bish is you sick? What kind of highway robbery, scam racket are they running up in this joint? NOPE. Not today, satan. NOT TODAY. Also THEY betta not try to charge me a gamillion dollars for the daycare we discussed above. $2 per hour per kid TOPS…

So there is a gym like negative -5 seconds from my house. Literally, RIGHT up the street from me.

It’s $30 a month and some exorbitant initiation fee but the kids care is $15 per month per kid. So I would pay $45 for child care but only $30 for the club. It is also NOT 24 hours. It has the audacity to be closed at 8 pm on some days? Really BISH? REALLY?

Its also has the worst times and selections of available group classes. Like 2 a day. 2:17pm Golden Sneaker Boot Camp and 8:52am Yoga for Starbucks and Yugi-oh Enthusiasts. Or some shit but basically the times don’t work.

The pool smells like ass cranks and cheese so… I guess, I got that going for me.  Lol

So uh… Yeah. No gym for me… Yet. But some how. Soon. I’m going to figure it out. I miss the gym and that has to change.


I didn’t go to church enough this month. I’m not happy with that but I didn’t go last week either so there’s that. I really want to like the local churches I’ve gone to a couple times here but I’m not in love yet. Either way that’s not an excuse as to why I can’t go and get my life at any church on a Sunday. It centers me. It’s so good for me. So…???


Boundaries are hard. But also extremely awesome. There are a lot of people who I would prefer not to read this who are reading this right now because they won’t respect my boundaries anywhere ever. But I mean this is my public blog so I mean what do I expect. I know they are here… (WHY?) but I enjoy the words so I’m going to keep writing them…

That being said I would like to DRRAAAGGGGG a couple of peoples but I shant. If you think its you… IT IS.  Basically, I’m really pleased with the distance, I’ve put in between myself and many others and I’m also really pleased at the closeness I’ve gotten with myself and some other others. And that’s all I’ve got to say about that. ;p


Started wearing less and going out more
Running out of pages in your passport…


PS. Please STOP calling me on your cell phone. Late night when you need the love you should have gotten from your parents, yourself, and your current partner.

K. Thnx. Bai.


SistaTV Loves you, (not you douchebag), writing, and the month in review.





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StoryTime with SistaTV

So Let’s flip the language:

So Tim and his boss are at a conference and Tim’s boss Jonathan asks Tim and his wife to come to a dinner meeting with him and his wife to meet with some investors. The meeting goes great. After the investors leave, Tim’s boss turns to his wife and Tim’s wife and says, “Ladies, Tim and I are going to need to figure out the logistics of this deal tonight. Why don’t you girls go hit the hotel spa on me.” Tim doesn’t want to be rude and is up for a promotion and his wife is all about that free massage life so it’s all good…

They head up to the boss’s suite to view the projections on the Jonathan’s laptop. Even though he initially declines, Jonathan makes Tim a celebratory drink and says, “Man don’t be a punk. You betta take it to the head! We landed this huge deal!! ” or if Tim says, “Man, my sinuses are acting up and Jonathan hands him a pill and says try this! This works excellent for my sinuses… ”

And then 2 hours later, Tim can’t form words, is in a thick haze and can’t walk or scream and then Tim wakes up butt naked with Jonathan’s penis in his mouth or anus and is too drugged up to stop Jonathan. Tim keeps quiet for years because of shame, embarrassment but then finds out that there are other men in his industry with similar experiences.

So because Tim willing drank the drinks and/or took the pills from Jonathan … Tim also consented to sex?? Additionally, Tim should probably keep his mouth shut he gets paid very well (free spa!) and because the company Jonathan owns is doing amazing things in the community and Jonathan is a real pillar of excellence?

One more thing, Tim is your son.


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