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Man… This quote really hit me hard today. I needed it… Hope you have a lovely and amazing day! SistaTV loves you!

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Hey hey hey!! Quick and dirty this morning! I have to run but Free Ambi is worth a quick blog post homie! MamaTV loves the cleansing bars so I’m going to run and grab her two real quick this morning! You like Free Ambi? You want to get it for free? Welp! Let me show how to make it do what it do, BOO!!

First Print these coupons NOW:

$2.00 off any AMBI Product

I say print them now because most coupon have a limit to the number of total prints and this is a hot one!

Target sells these Ambi facial cleansing bars for $1.99!

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 7.33.32 AM

Do the math, Boo!!! THAT MEANS FREEEE for you and MEEEEE!!!! YASSS GAWD!!!

Free stuff means mo’ money saved  do it JESUS!!!

Don’t forget to print the coupon before you goWhile you are at Target swing by the Valentine Candy and holiday sections because everything is between 50% to & 75% off! Cheap pajamas, cheap candy, cheap classroom valentines for next year! Check it out but remember if you aren’t going to use it or you don’t need it DO NOT BUY IT… Even if its a deal… Wasted money is gone money… And I like my money in my pocket not in my trash!!

Feel free to come join my SistaTV Saves Facebook Group here! We share deals and money saving details and get our lives!

SistaTV loves you


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SistaTV Saves : I made money using coupons at Walmart and Target! LOOK AT GAWD

Okay Welcome back to the second installment of SISTATV SAVES! Here is the first part of SISTATV SAVES  if you missed how I beat UP CVS with the free Favado  couponing app earlier this week!

But before you read this, If you are reading this between Feb 15-21st, 2015 and are engaged or knows someone who has been engaged or are engaging with the baby JESUS. STOP EVERYTHING and click here: TARGET!!!

Why?? Because THIS!!

Target Wedding Registry!That’s right!! When you create a new Target Registry this WEEK Target will give you a $20 e-gift card!! The deal is only for the first 22,500 new registries and you must actually add stuff to your registry. At least $500 worth of items and then in a few days your gift card will be mailed to you! GOOOOOOO NOW :CLICK HERE TO MAKE YOUR TARGET REGISTRY!

Okay, So I got serious about coupons last week and ya’ll… I really have no idea WHAT I been waiting on. Like what is the delay!! The main thing that I want to tell you to learn how to do what I am doing EASILY is to:

1. Download the Free Favado Couponing APP

2. Print coupons before you go! Free Coupons, Savings Coupons, etc.

3. Only buy what You are going to need and USE.

The end.

Okay so this is how I beat the BRAKES off of Target and Walmart this week with Easy Couponing.

I of course opened my favado app and went to Target and pulled up the top 10 deals!

How to use Favado

Favado App

That I should go to Right At Home to print these High value coupons for Glade, Ziploc, and Windex! 


Right at Home Coupons

Right at Home Coupons

I also saw that there were some deals that I need to add to my free Target Cartwheel Mobile App.

Save with Cartwheel for Android – Sign Up Now

Save with Cartwheel for Apple – Sign Up Now

Okay So Off to Target I went.

First thing I got from the Favado list was if I purchased 4 Clorox Toliet bowl cleanser at $1.70 or $1.79 each I would get a $5 gift card back from target right away..

This is the crappy picture I took of the tag at Target…LOL

So that was Transaction #1. I Paid $7.10 (Out of SistaTV pocket OOP) total and Got a $5 gift card back right there at the register! DO IT JESUS!

52.5 cents a piece for 4 Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner
that are

Total OOP for SisaTV: $2.10

Transaction #2

Favado told me that Glade was in the Cartwheel for 10% off and If you buy 3 glade candles you get 1 free.  That’s sexy enough but I also had a $2 off of any 1 Glade Product Manufacturer Coupon that I printed from Right at Home, and a $1.50 off 2 candles that I printed from  And because Jesus is on the mainline INDEED. I could use ALL THREE discounts making my candles FREEEEEEE. FREEE FREEEE!!!  You can stack, 1 manufacturer coupon, and one store coupon, and any store programs (CartWheel) on one item.  SO FREE!

I picked up 4  Glade Candles and did a praise dance to the Ziploc section cause on Friday I realized I was fresh out of 1 gallon freezer bags.  Now this was not on the Favado App but Jesus is my homie so look at the amazing deal I got. When I printed my Right at home coupons I got a coupon for $2 off of any 2 Ziploc products. That was great cause I also had one Target coupon for $0.75 off of 1 Ziploc Product ( Text SNACKS to 827438 to get that one). Soooo imagine my surprise when I turned down the aisle and saw this tag for the gallon freezer bags?


GIRL WHUT??? That means I would be paying 17 cents a box!! These 15ct  Ziplocs  Gallon bags are $3.24 originally and they were the bonus boxes so I actually got 18cts!

I even gave an extra coupon to another lady who was coming down the aisle!!! We made friends and I told her about SISTATV she was like GIRL WHUT? and downloaded Favado right then! You get a coupon! You get a Coupon! EVERYBODY GETS A COUPON!!! YASS GAWD!

Okay I had 5 coupons, so I grabbed 10 boxes of the Ziplocs and This was my Transaction #2.

Remember I have my $5 gift card from Transaction #1 so I used that to pay and my total was:



$2.09 ya’ll!! $2.09 for all of this



Full price the Ziplocs would have been $3.24 each and the Glade Candles would have been $2.99 each.

32.40  Ziplocs+ 11.96 Glade + 3.55 Tax = 47.91

But I paid $2.09 TOTAL.

COME ON, SOMEBODY!!! Can I get a witness up in HERE!!!

But WAIT there’s MORE Transaction #3!!!

I am in LOVE with these Windex Touch Up Cleaner . LIKE OBSESSED. They are amazing, they clean and disinfect everything Mirrors, Countertops, Sink, Toliet, Pee that 6 year old penises can never seem to get inside the toliet, Toothpaste that 8 year olds can never keep on their toothbrushes and Afro Sheen that 30 somethings can’t help from getting EVERYWHERE. This cleans EVERYTHING and they all leave everything smelling AMAZING.

So I had $2 off any 1 windex product manufacturer coupon from before and I had $1.50 off 2 windex touchups from Target had them on sale for $3.50 scents each and I had a Target Cartwheel coupon for a $1 off Windex. So I got 4 of my babies and headed to the register for Transaction #3!

Here is the receipt:


I was so excited that I didn’t catch it but 2 of my windex rang up wrong and my $1 off coupon didn’t come off the initial transaction… No big deal. I went to the customer service desk and the girl gave me $2 back in cash for the error. So ultimately… I paid 2.94 for 4 Windex Touchups that Are totally my BAE… One is supposed to be $3.99. I paid $0.74 cents each…

CHILE if that don’t make you want to shout… I don’t know what will. GLOOORRRAAAYYYYYYY!!!!

But guess what… I found an even better deal at Walmart for the Windex Touchups… And Walmart PAID ME Cash Money to take them out of the store…  HE’S A WAYMAKER!! I FOUND A MONEY MAKER!!!

Okays so while I was planning this post I was looking up actual prices of the Windex Touchups at other stores. And that’s when I came across this. Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 6.08.46 AM


That is from Lowe’s. Lowes had the Windex Touch UP on clearance for $.99 cents and $1.59 each. That’s amazing right? BUT Ya girl SistaTV is an overacheiver… So this is how I actually made money on the deal.

So I grabbed my $2 off any 1 Windex item left and went to WalMart. Why did I go to WalMart? Because Walmart will pricematch any local store right there at the register AND most importantly?? WALMART will give you your coupon overage back as CASH MONEY HONEY!! So since the Windex was only $0.99 cents at Lowe’s Walmart price matched it. Then I gave them my $2 off any 1 windex item and got 1.01 cent Cash back for each one. So Walmart paid me $1.01 to take the windex home with me.  Begins speaking in TOUNGUES :

EEEEE rama tama lama shambo Shondo SHABTATAT HAAAYYYYYY

Okay I’m back. But ooohhh when I think about the GOODNESS OF JESUS AND COUPONS AND FAVADO AND YYAAAASSSSS!!!

So…I had to pay tax but here is my receipt and the $5.54 the cashier gave me to take 6 of my beloved Windex Touch Ups Home with me.


So… You want to make money couponing or nah???  I started a simple facebook group for those of you who want to learn with me. We can share deals and and coupons and figure out ways to get our money, honey!! Its called SISTATV SAVES on Facebook. SistaTV Loves YOU!

SistaTV Loves you, Coupons, Favado, and GETTING PAID TO SHOP!! HA LAY LOOO



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SistaTV SAVES How to use Favado to become a Coupon Conqueror the easy way! YASSS GAWD!

So we on a budget  out chea… I have already discussed this but I enjoy couponing BUT I will not be out here buying 50-11 packs of beef jerky and Steakumms because they are only 43 cents. NOPE. NO. NEVER.  I also will not spend a gadzillion hours clipping cutting or mixing coupons at all NAW SON. I want to save money the most sensible-est, easiest, quickest, CHEAPEST and LAZIEST way possible. Like basically I want the stuff I will need and use for the lowest prices possible. Then end. That is why I was so blessed to learn how to use Favado. Shout out to my bestie from basically birth Dana aka MomsVSMeals for teaching me how to use Favado.

She taught my how to use Favado like 3 months ago but I never used it till this week.. I know… WACK. Don’t be like me… I’m going to show you how to use Favado and show you how I used and I conquered coupons at CVS this week.

First I went to the Dollar Store and bought 4 papers for $1 each. I bought 4 because there are four people in my family. If there are 2 of ya’ll buy 2. But you don’t need 50 papers. You tried it…

Okay so then I downloaded an app called FAVADO. Click here to sign up and get the app for free for android and for Iphones.

I’ll make a video explain in in better detail this Favado app does But basically it does ALL THE COUPON work and matching for you based on the store you want to go to.  You add all the coupons you will need to print to your list right in the  Favado APP. Then you email the list of coupons to yourself and open up the email and print them and go to your store and win… So After I added my coupons in Favado and emailed my coupons to myself and printed them out I went to CVS.

And this is what I did:




Favado told me that at I could get a $2 off coupon for these Arm and Hammer Spinbrushes. Click HERE TO PRINT. You can print 2 of each of these. I printed two.

CVS has those Tooth brushes on sale for $5.99. And when You buy one they will give you $4 in ECB back. ECB = Extra Care Bucks. Those you get on the bottom of that extra long ass receipt they give right after you pay at CVS. SO as you can see from the picture above. I used 2 of my $2 off coupons. Paid $8.94 cent in cash and the cashier gave me back $8.00 in ECB back right then. HALLELUJAH!!! No matter what you are going to have to pay tax on the total so you can let that I got everything for totally free dream go. Uncle Sam don’t play that. LOL

Okay so then I turned right around and went back into the store with my $8 in ECB.

I opened up my Favado App again to see what would be the best use of my money again.

ALL Laundry Detergent was on sale for 2/$7 but then they would also give you $1ECB for each ALL product you buy. I also had a coupon for $2 off of 2 ALL Products from my paper. So that would makes the ALL Laundry detergent $1.50 each. YASS GAWD.

Okay so then Soft Soap was $1.88 but they had an instant coupon for $1 off so I picked up one of those. $88 cents.

Then My CVS had Nivea products on clearance and I had $3 of on 2 Nivea Products. The KidTVs and I all have excessively dry skin and eczema so we use Nivea and its expensive as HAYLE. So I picked up 5 Niveas and carried my self up there to pay.

Transaction 2

I gave her my $8 in ECB and I had to pay $1.42 cents in Tax and she gave me $2 ECB back on that transaction. PRAISE BREAK…

Okay so then I turned around and I took my $2 in ECB and went back. Before I went in I had printed the two of each of the coupons below. Click those picks to print your own coupons.

$0.25 off ONE Dawn product
$2.00 off Irish Spring Signature Body Wash

Okay so I picked up 2 Dawns that were $.99 cents each. That $0.25 off coupon above makes them $0.74 each. Then I  picked up 2 Irish Spring Body washes that were on sale for 2.49. and CVS is giving $1 ECB back on Each! And the $2 off coupon above makes them a $0.51 MONEY MAKER. GLOORRRAAAYYYY. So I picked up 2. I also picked up 3 more Nivea’s to use with my other $3/2 coupon and to make sure I was able to use the full value of my ECB.

Trasaction 3

So then I gave the cashier my $2 In ECB from my 2nd Transaction and I had to pay 1.14 in Tax and She GAVE ME $2 in ECB back again… LOOK AT GAWD!

So basically… I WON.  LOL.


All in all I spent $11.50 over all three transactions. But I got back $12 in ECB in total. I only used $10 of my ECB and I walked out of there with all of this and $2 to use to beat the brakes off CVS AGAIN… WHO Won… OH SNAP SISTATV WON!!!

1 All Free and Clear 33 load

1 All free and Clear 24 Pack.

3 Nivea Hand Creams

5 Nivea Lip Butters

2 Arm and Hammer SpinBrushes

2 Dawn Dishwashing Liquids

1 Soft Soap

For -$0.50

I didn’t spend more than 30 minutes doing it all and that was only because I sat in the pharmacy cutting my coupons out in the store cause I’m trifling.  I only bought what I needed and would use and I let Favado do all the Matching for me… AINT GAWD GOOD…

If you guys like please comment and I’ll update with more deals as I figure them out! SistaTV Loves YOU!

PS. Dana is way better at this than me. You can follow her at MomsVsMeals on Instagram and YOutube

PPS. If you want to get some of the coupons form old papers you can buy coupons for really cheaply here at Coupon DEDE

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