Dear Black Women at Work and everywhere else in the world,

Dear Black Women at work in Corporate America and everywhere else in the world,

I know you’re exhausted, Sis. I’m TiredT with two T’s too. I know you want to scream, to cry, to hurt, to give up, and to just be heard, valued, and respected on the same level as the colleagues, bosses, and owners who are half as smart, half as good, and somehow twice as powerful.

It’s not fair. It’s terrible. It’s hard and it’s so damn heartbreaking some days.

But today, I’m just wanted to tell you… I see you. I HEAR you. I VALUE you. I LOVE YOU. I’m here for you.

We are capable.
We are Brilliant.
We are worthy and deserving of so much more than the crumbs this world is trying to convince us is enough.

You deserve so much more and you will get it. You know that. I know that. THEY know that and that’s why they are terrified of us for no reason at all.

So listen, sis, even on days when everything is impossible, even on days when you fail… somewhere deep down you, and I, and every black girl in the world knows that all of this struggle will never be for naught…

We are going to win.

All of our love, our tears, our laughter, and our undeniable magnificence is moving this whole entire world forward and there is NOTHING…. they can do to STOP US. NO ONE DAMN THING.

This morning, so many of us woke up and went into the world feeling heavy with the weight of yet another day of having to make a way out of no way all by ourselves…

And while it may feel so lonely in that board room, break room, or stock room… The peace, power, and purpose of every single one of our ancestors who fought, prayed, and dreamed the impossible dreams of what they could only hope WE WOULD BE are with you every second and millisecond of every day


So hold your glorious heads even higher, wipe your tears, raise your voice louder, hold your heart and dreams closer and KEEP ON GOING.

Wake up tomorrow and step out into the world guide with the knowledge that on the other side of this battle is the glory that is yours and yours alone. We will win this war for ourselves, for our future selves, and for every black girl who has yet to come into the world. We got this and we got each other.

We are women, therefore, we are WARRIORS. We will NOT let this world make us forget.- Senam Amegashie

SistaTV loves you,  all of our current and future daughters, sistas, nieces, sistafriends, warrior women, conquerors and makidadas everywhere.

You and me… Us never part.


PS. You still out here looking like a whole entire magical black goddess witcho yo perfectly imperfect black ass self. YAS SIS YAS!

PPS. I wrote this for my self on one of the more treacherous days in the world. I hope it helps you through one of yours. Trouble don’t last always. Luke 1:45.


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  • sistatv
    February 7, 2019 at 3:07 PM

    Testing can ya’ll see this? 🙂 SistaTV Loves You.

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