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I start work at my 9-5 well 7-3 in 20 minutes. I’ve set my timer for 20 minutes. And whatever I write here I’m going to post and go.

I need to write more darlings so… I shall. And hopefully you’ll read.

Tonight is multicultural night at Little SistaTV’s school. She’s sitting right next to me as I type this working on her last little bits of homework left over from last night.  I really, really, really, really like that kid. A Lot. She’s growing up fantastically and becoming a full blown magical miracle right before my eyes and I can’t even believe it. She working over there so intently it reminded me of when she was a little bitty thing and would see me working on my computer.  She would grab her little pink plastic Barbie computer and say, ” Mommy, Let’s be Business Ladies.” Then she would  sit  right next to me and run her mother for hours as she was furiously banging away at her laptop that made sooo much noise. Real shame the batteries for the sounds it made got lost at some random point and were tragically never able to be found again. #sad ;p

SistaTV And LittleSistaTV

Anyway, there are like 500 kids that go to her school and apparently we are the only family from the entire continent of AFRICA that signed up to present at Multicultural night. While it’s not a rainbow oasis out here in the burbs I know there are other families from other African countries but all of them were smart enough to avoid signing up for tis. LOL. I’m kidding.

I wish more of them had signed up. And I’m also super glad to be representing for the GH… LittleSistaTV wanted to give them some of that good Ghana Jollof but honestly I’m not trying ot have these folks banging down my door at all hours of the morning cause they have become addicted to the blessing that is GOOD Ghanaian Jollof….LOL… so the food was a hard no for me. Also, her Uncle Redeem makes a good point that folks have all kind of allergies, and swear Lawry’s is an exotic super spicy spice blend and ish so we ain’t got time.

We are going to all wear traditional Ghanaian clothing, DJ Teddy will bring us a bunch of Ghanaian jams, her cousin Hannah has written all kinds of  Facts about Ghana and will be presenting, LittleSistaTV will be telling people what their Ghanaian names would be based on the day of the week they were born and we have some Ghanaian games, carvings, and drums that we will be displaying.  Also MamaTV will be sitting there on full Ghanaian Mama/Grandma display so honestly… What else do you need!

Writing this all out sounds like we have spent a lot of time and effort planning and thinking this through BUT this is literally the product of me, MamaTV, NieceFabTV and NieceGlamTV, and LittleSistaTV having approximately 10 minutes of panicked conversation last night when we realized the damn thing was tomorrow. LOL…

Amegashie’s always finish first though… So it’s going to be LIT! We might be late to the starting line up or get a bit turned around on the way. But Amegashie’s always make up for it with brilliance, ingenuity, hard work, perseverance, something you call luck and I call blessed, and good old fashion psychedelic pizzaz.

Even when we don’t, Amegashie’s always win!

I’ll post pictures of the whole shebang if it’s not too raggedy tonight and tell y’all how it all went.

LittleSistaTV just finished her work. I’m finished writing this. We are business ladies who get it done! We are off  to have a wonderful day and evening… And I hope you do too.

Side note: You should watch the first episode of AfricanTime. It’s mediocre Nigerian Jollof :p BUT the whole thing is hilarious and perfect:

SistaTV Loves You, 11-year-old business ladies, and knowing I can do anything and everything I dream… AfriCAN.




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