Last week, while driving I had a spontaneous nosebleed. Driving down Western and just as I passed Foster,  I reached up to swipe what I thought was a slight runny nose caused by Chicago’s weather forecast traveling from -23 to 73 degrees in 3 windy hours.   So when I looked down at my fingertips and saw crimson, I almost crashed the car.   Well that's not true. I didn’t crash from the shock of seeing random blood pouring down my face. Actually, I didn’t swerve or miss a beat. I may have even actually laughed. But in my head, I crashed my mom-mobile right into that Chicago Hot dog stand on the corner of Western and Foster because the gravity of my nose bleeding again was almost too much for me to bear.   I can’t remember how young I was when I first realized that my daddy hit my mommy, my brothers, and I too much. That there was something wrong with the yelling, the

How Not to be a Dick to Your Black friend by Senam SistaTV Amegashie

A few months ago, I started writing for This was my very first piece... PS... I love all people... But sometimes... People are Dicks... And you have to tell them... So ladies and gentlemen I give you.... HOW NOT TO BE A DICK TO YOUR BLACK FRIEND.... Click Here to read the Full Version on GRRRRRR.... Old black wise black lady voice: "Only trouble SistaTV's World is White Folks..." Why do I even have to fucking write this? Oh yeah, because frankly, white people -- Can I call you white people? We’re all post racial friends here aren’t we? -- sometimes you’re dicks to your black friend. Some of you fuck it up on purpose because you are racist bags of dicks and have nothing better to do than harass and mistreat some unsuspecting black person for no actual reason other then they have more melanin than you. Some of you fuck it up because you

The Problem with Oliva Pope by Senam SistaTV Amegashie.

What if I told you I was sleeping with my married ex-boss? What if I told you that I knew his wife and his kids well enough have told them and believe that I love them like family? What if I said, “Yea but the wife is a total psycho biznitch”? What if I told you despite that I told him to get her pregnant solely to help boost his political career? What if I told you that one day he was trying to put the moves on me while drunk and I told him, NO! Because even though I’m typically down for some adultery, infidel-licious goodness, this time his being drunk and belligerent had turned me off? What if I told you as I was fighting to get his non No accepting ass up off me, his bitch of a wife walked in the room? What if I told you that she almost cried, apologizing to me, FOR HIM? What if I told you her apology was probably BS because she is selfish and only in it for herself at every

What to do when your life falls apart….

When I pictured this post in my head I sort of saw it as very short, simple, succinct, and full of .... Uhh I'm not sure.... Like Ideally it would be like those quoted pictures that are all over Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.. right.... What do you do when your life falls apart..... put it back together and do the Humpty Dance What do you do when your life falls apart.... keep calm and eat Chicken. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="320"] LOOK AT HIM!!! He's happy as hell!! Trust me it is not because he is black... It is strictly because Chicken is delicious and is the answer to ALL THE THINGS.[/caption] What do you do when your life falls apart.... Chile... I haven't the flim flam FOGGIEST idea...  No ideas.. AT ALL.... Not a one. Which is  really quite inconvenient at this moment cause at this moment my life is kinda sorta falling apart... The kinda sorta

Barack Obama is OUR PRESIDENT

Barack Obama is only one man... and while he may have been elected to (arguably) the most powerful position in the world. You and I are still as in charge of our lives as we were yesterday. I didn't vote for Obama to receive some magical handout for my family and I. And I can undoubtedly say, that the overwhelming majority that voted for him didn't do it for a handout either. I voted for him because his beliefs and desires for the country most mirrored mine. Just like I'm sure the majority who voted for Mitt voted the same way. And while I understand your disappointment in your candidate's loss, I am deeply disheartened by the doomsday foreboding in the few posts I have scrolled thru this morning. Romney supporters who are shouting how we are all screwed now, race wars, seceding, how we will all soon be on the breadlines and general hateful nonsense... If that is what you truly

This was my day…

I have a head cold and a ear ache....  My head feels like Michael Flately and the River dancers have been getting it IN on my right and left temples and if I may be frank.... My Aunt FLO and my Uncle T.O.M are going to need to be kicked repeatedly in the thorax and clavicle for the endless amounts of menstrual foolishness they put me through on a 28 day cycle. The 3.5 out of the five kids are all sick, coughing, and generally feeling crappy, and MistaTV is gone on a trip to a riverboat/beer factory tour trip. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"] This is exactly how I looked when he told me he wanted to go...[/caption] AND it was on a BUS... [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"] This is me reacting to if I wanted to go...[/caption] And then yesterday night at damn near 9 pm I had to pack up all 5 of these children, 3 of them sick coughing, and

Watch the SISTATV LIVE Stream!!!

My sincerely apologies for the video and audio quality. But seriously, the show itself is was wonderful... I'll have a better video to show you very soon! Make sure to like my FaceBook page: to participate in the conversation over there and to have a great time with us over there! Also I'll be announcing the next event very soon!! Don't miss it! It's just going to get better, bigger, and even more fabulous!!

Hello, Love! I'm SistaTV!

Senam SistaTV Amegashie

Senam SistaTV Amegashie

Welcome, Darling... So I'm supposed to write something really amazing here... But in the words of the greatest philospher of our time... Ain't nobody got time for that. I kid. I kid. Kinda. I'll update this someday... but for the time being... Just click around... and remember... SistaTV Loves You!


#happymothersday TheKidTVs are up to something... ???
SistaTV's Daily Gratitude List #sdgl 
1.  How good it feels to be physically weak from giggling.
2. MamaTV called this InGramTam or WhatEVER you call it. 
3. My whole house is clean... enough.
4. I sang all the words to I'm still standing at the very top of my lungs, with the windows wide open in standstill traffic and not a single damn was given on that day. 
SistaTV loves you, Mommy can you quiz me, and yeah, yeah, yeah.  #imstillstanding #sistatvlovesyou #goodnight #magnesium
SistaTv's Daily Gratitude List #sdgl 
1. Where is the lie tho? 
2. Blessed to be a blessing.
3. I'm in my home office, listening to an incredibly soothing smooth jazz & Bossa Nova instrumental, the sun is shining perfectly through my windows, my first meeting of the day got cancelled, and my green tea is warm, sweet, and delicious. This moment is exactly what I needed. 
4. God is REAL. 
5. Sunny Afternoon, Cumulus clouds, 84 degrees. 
SistaTV loves you, thighs like thick like honey, and Isaiah 43:2.
.  #sistatvlovesyou #sistatv #godisreal #blessedtobeablessing #melaninmagic #goodmorning #countitalljoy #loveyourselfandtreatyourselflikeyoudo #blackexcellence #arguewithyaself #effyourbeautystandards #celebrateyoursize #thickthighssavelives #jillscottforever #jammiestjams
SistaTVs Daily Life Hack:

in a way that is true, factual, or appropriate; accurately. .
#sistatvlovesyou #loveispatient #loveiskind #youareenough #forwomenwhoaredifficulttolove #sistatv #youareworthy #womensupportingwomen #effyourbeautystandards #affirmations #lifehacks #protip #notetoself #blackgirlmagic #blackboyjoy #loveeveryday #becareful #selfcareisntselfish #selfcaretips #happyisachoice #relationshipgoals #chicagogram
Come on somebody....
I am having one of those everything sucks, can't get right, woe is me,  wahhh wahhh moments. Send me lots of your positive love, support, and prayers... Additionally, can one of you  puhllease find out how I can have this filter permanently affixed to my face. #kthanksbye #psalm465 #luke145
Good Morning Beloveds... Does anybody know where my wig is? I think Beyonce still has it from last night.... If you see her can you please ask Blue Ivy to stop using it as her purse? Oh and check to see if the twins know where my edges are... #kthanksbye


Blessed to be Bald by #Beychella

PS.  What a time to Bey alive!

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