SistaTV Daily Podcast #4 1.4.15

Good Morning ya'll! I was  sitting here like umm there is something I'm forgetting to do! What is it? What is it? And then I was like Oh-Snap-a-Lap!! I didn't upload today's episode of The SistaTV Daily Podcast!! Lol... I was all ready planning out my day and carrying on like lah-di-da... So happy Sunday! And so here is today's episode of the SistaTV Daily Podcast! Thank you for coming today and I won't forget to post it tommorrow... and you don't forget to come back either... Mmmkay?   SistaTV Loves You!

SistaTV Daily Podcast #3 January 3rd, 2015… Your suffering heart…

Good Morning, Loves... Its Saturday. I love Saturday. Saturday always feels so full of good. It's sort of dreary out side here, I'm pretty sure it rained, and I'm pretty sure its cold, and I'm pretty sure its fine. I have to go challenge myself to do somethings I don't want to do today. Some paperwork and foolishness that I've been putting off. Some projects to finish. And tragically, my check engine light came on, Apparently, my car has gaskets... And these gaskets are leaking. And who has time for this... WAHHHHHHH! Anyway, I'm taking it and my wallet in to get looked at today. Whatever it is, I'll be able to handle it. God , the universe, and everything good always comes through in the end... But really I just want to lay here and pretend its fixed and that I don't have a care in the world...Saturdays always do that to me... But alas, I am blessed to have a car and hopefully

SistaTv Daily Podcast #2 – Og Mandino

Happy Day after New Years.. I have a confession... most years by January 2nd... I feel so accomplished from doing well on my resolutions for January 1 that I sort of allow myself to slide on the 2nd... That's how dope my will power is ya'll... Less than 24 hours and I'm like, "Well, dang... I need a break" But here it is... January 2nd... And I'm doing it... Again. What are you going to do again, today? What goal are you going to chip away at again so on January 2nd, 2016. You can look back and say... Wow... I can't believe I did it. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. So Hello Conqueror... What are you going to conquer? Here's hoping listening to today SistaTV Daily Podcast will help you have a great second day of 2015....  SistaTV Loves you. Here is the full second scroll written by Og Mandino in The Greatest Salesman in the World The Scroll Marked 2 I will greet this day with love in

SistaTv Daily Podcast #1! January 1st, 2015 Happy New Year!

Hey hey hey!!! So here is the first episode of the SistaTV Daily podcast! Its a short little daily snippet (3 to 15 minutes) meant to bless your day with a little bit of good, a lot of love, a ton of inspiration for you to stand up and take your place as a member of the Conquer Mob ever single day.... So Hello Conqueror!!! You can listen here:   I appreciate you taking the time to listen, comment and or share this podcast... And I hope it gives you something good...   Here is a little visual interpretation of today's quote!! Sometimes I print them out and put them on my wall... Cause baby... Somedays I need to remember that I am in fact a conqueror!! Hope you have a lovely day! SistaTV Loves you... Now love yourself and treat yourself like it!     #GoodMorning. SistaTV loves you, good words, and Romans 8:31. A photo posted by Senam

Double Meat.

Yesterday, I woke up at 4:33 am and wrote  12,9333 days of Eunice. I woke up with it on my mind and didn't allow myself to do anything else until it had been written. I rolled over in bed, reached for my laptop and wrote it before I'd even wiped the crust out of my eyes. Writing yesterdays blog was important to me and helped me get clarity on so many things but writing always does that for me... but yesterday I knew there was something else. This morning, the first thing I did was pray a short prayer. "God, I need you badly. Please help me, today. Amen." That's not an alarming prayer for me to pray at all. I mean, I beg God to call in the saints "to guide the Chipotle lady to bless my half Steak and half Chicken bowl with double meat. In JESUS HOLY  NAME." Every. Single. Time. Free Double Meat is more proof of the goodness of Jesus. #wonthedoit He's a waymaker.#ashe So me

12,933 days of Eunice…

The "urban legend" that my family tells about the day of my birth is that, After my arrival, my dad ran from the labor and delivery room, to tell my brothers that he and my mother had finally gotten them a sister. A baby girl who was to be named... Eunice. Mercifully, my older brothers were able to ignore the atrocity of a baby named Eunice and somehow became overwhelmed with joy, started yelling, "God gave us a gift, She is God's gift!"  I always listen to this story with a super side eye and a healthy dose of "Yeah, right".  But I was probably only 237 seconds old at the time, and I have no idea what is true about the actual story of the day I was brought into this world. But sitting here with the some of the story of my life behind me, a brand new pencil in my own hand, and the blank pages of my future ahead of me... What I do know to be true is: There have been Twelve

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Hello, Love! I'm SistaTV!

Senam SistaTV Amegashie

Senam SistaTV Amegashie

Welcome, Darling... So I'm supposed to write something really amazing here... But in the words of the greatest philospher of our time... Ain't nobody got time for that. I kid. I kid. Kinda. I'll update this someday... but for the time being... Just click around... and remember... SistaTV Loves You!


My mommy made me breakfast.  MAMATV FOR THE WIN!!! #dontjealousme #lolyoushouldtotallyjealousme #aldiorangejuiceinafancyglass #pandaexpresshaspaperplates #whoknew #weclassy #whoohoo #illalwayslovemymama #shesmyfavoritegirl
Good ?? #Ghanaian ??Jollof ??oohhhh!!! ????????????
So much bliss... #goodmorning
Hey, Hello, Hello...
SistaTv's Daily Gratitude List #sdgl
1.  I get ridiculously sick when I'm pregnant. Its not like anything you imagine.... it's worse.I threw up at minimum 7 times every single day of my pregnancy, I had an at home nurse to come give me ivs, a permanent zofran drip in my thigh, my pelvis dislocated, so I had a walker and a wheelchair,  I broke out in itchy rashes everywhere, scratched so much and on and on and on... 2.  When I was like 5.5 mos pregnant I got so dehydrated I passed out. In the emergency room, they took an ultrasound and told me the baby was perfectly fine but they needed to keep me at the hospital. 
3. When I got up to the room, the doctor was doing his rounds and came to check on me but the ultrasound from the er was not in my chart. 
4. He called down there but nobody picked up...As he opened the door to go check at the nurses station a tech was walking by with an ultrasound machine. He stopped her and said you know what let's just do an ultrasound here again and not waste time trying to find the other one. 
5. As he was doing the ultrasound, he was chatting me up and telling me this is good that is good, but then suddenly, I saw his face change, he stopped mid sentence.
6. Whats wrong? Silence. He spent a few moments flicking that ultrasound thingy across my belly in silence and then looked at my chart again weirdly. 
7. He said, Uh so did they tell you anything was different while you were down there? 
8. I am in a panic at this point. I say uhh no. They said everything is fine with the baby and you are going to say the same thing now too, right? 
9. He pointed to the screen... Yes everything is fine buttttt... this is Baby A... He moved his probe a little a and widen the screen... and...
10. "This is Twin B." .
 SistaTV loves you, correcting people who say, "Oh TWINS oh you have Double Trouble"  by saying, "No Beloved... I have Double BLESSINGS" and his Mama call him Clay... Imma call him Clay. #goodmorning #twinmama #twinboys #worthit
@rudyfrancisco wrote this. He is as brilliant as the sun. Go buy TWO of his books now. It's called Helium... You are welcome. SistaTV loves you, beautiful words,  and the way Rudy Franciso writes them. #goodmorning #rudyfrancisco
Hello & welcome to today's Miracle. ISSA WHOLE ENTIRE MEDICAL STUDENT!  #yaslawd #whitecoatceremony #AmegashieGirlsAlwaysFinishFirst #theysaidholdyourapplause WE AIN'T HOLD A single solitary bit of AP or Plause. #screamedloudaf #10of10willscreamagain #choreographingourdanceforgraduationalready #ghanajollofforthewin
On the day of my birth my Father wanted to name me Eunice. But my brothers said it should be Senam... because Senam means God's gift. #happybirthdaytome

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