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Are you ready to say it LOUD I’m Natural and I’m Proud??? Well Honey do I have just the thing for you. Rocking on of my fabulous Natural Hair shirts will not only keep you extra CUTE but it will also proudly proclaim that You are ” A Very KINKY GIRL” who may have ” 99 Problems but a PERM ain’t ONE” all because of your undeniable level of ” SUPERCALIFORDELICIOUSSEXYHELLADOPENESS“!!! Natural hair Shirts are currently available here and on etsy.

SistaTV’s Natural Hair Shirts are available in Plus Sizes as well and have been featured all over!

Check out SistaTV On Essence Online ROCKING IT!

Natural Hair Shirts SistaTV


Click here to buy SistaTV’s 99 Problems but a Perm ain’t one natural Hair Shirt


Please shoot me an email ( if you have questions or if something says its out of stock!



  • spoiledrotn
    February 16, 2016 at 3:22 PM

    I keep clicking the link to buy a shirt but get an error message that something isn’t right in the url

  • Cassy
    April 5, 2016 at 9:21 PM

    Would love to buy the t-shirt; however, the URL is incorrect. Can you please provide another link? Thanks!

  • Shannon Robinson
    May 3, 2016 at 8:12 AM

    Do you have any shirts for the locked Divas? 🙂

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Good morning, Loves.
Happy Happy Birthday to One of the greatest women I've ever known. I'm  so blessed to have you as my friend, supporter, rider, and sister! Love you forever!!!
This is NOT @thecrayoncase 's false at all. But Chile... me and my maillady/UPS man gon' fight.  Everything was wrapped beautifully and had multiple fragile stickers. It was a huge package and they just stuffed all in my mailbox with a bunch of other packages.?? Everything else is in tact and perfect ????. The colors are amaaazziinngggg!!! So I'm just going to try one of those to fix your pallete tutorials! Do y'all know which one works? Also check my niece and I with the good GASP and overreaction tho #firstthefatboysbreakupnowthis???
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Chile... will y'all look at this HIGHLIGHT, BISH? TUH! #itsoverforyouhoes Once I actually learn how to use this ish correctly.
.. Y'ALL AINT GOING TO BE ABLE TO TELL ME SHAT. PS. That gorgeous melaninated magnificent hand belongs to my actual factual niece, Niece. She's going to teach me the makeup magic. I'll have the inboxing and full review of @thecrayoncase coming to my YouTube @sistatv channel next week cause yasssss GAWD! SUPA DID this. Excellent stuff y'all! #hurryupandbuy  #womanowned #supportasista  #blackownedbusiness #notsponsored  #iloveusforreal #melaninmillionaire #getttingtothemoney #everybodymad #sistatvlovesyou
"Yea Man, I know I still have more to see."
It's the second. ??????#happyjune #saturyay
This ??was ??yes??ter??day??...
If you aren't eating all kinds of delicious tropical fruit with copious amounts of lime lovingly squeezed upon it... WHAT IS YOUR LIFE? #jesusmadethisplateforme #fruiteria #allsummer18andforever #sistatvlovesyou

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