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Are you ready to say it LOUD I’m Natural and I’m Proud??? Well Honey do I have just the thing for you. Rocking on of my fabulous Natural Hair shirts will not only keep you extra CUTE but it will also proudly proclaim that You are ” A Very KINKY GIRL” who may have ” 99 Problems but a PERM ain’t ONE” all because of your undeniable level of ” SUPERCALIFORDELICIOUSSEXYHELLADOPENESS“!!! Natural hair Shirts are currently available here and on etsy.

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  • spoiledrotn
    February 16, 2016 at 3:22 PM

    I keep clicking the link to buy a shirt but get an error message that something isn’t right in the url

  • Cassy
    April 5, 2016 at 9:21 PM

    Would love to buy the t-shirt; however, the URL is incorrect. Can you please provide another link? Thanks!

  • Shannon Robinson
    May 3, 2016 at 8:12 AM

    Do you have any shirts for the locked Divas? :-)

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Senam SistaTV Amegashie

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When your neighbor is UH-MAZING!!????? What a kind and wonderful surprise to find outside my door. Thank you to Kristen for the easter eggs! No thank you to Jesus for the dandelions... Lol... I LOVEEE MY NEIGHBORS! #godisgood #happyeaster #yaylife
At last....I have risen... And so did Big Brother Almighty Jesus... So it's a good day anyway you slice it... Hope you are being loved and are feeling happy wherever you are... ?
Mannn LISTEN. #iluhgod
?? #goodmorning
SistaTV's Daily Gratitude List #SDGL 
1. All four of us COLLAPSED into hysterical laughter at the Arthur/kids interrupting the BBC interview meme. It tickled me so deeply that they laughed so hard.
2. When I first showed them the video of the kids interrupting the BBC interview, I was like "it's so funny cause it's just like when you guys are always interrupting me when I'm working" and they all  gave me the "???? Face" like, "Who us?? We don't knock down books and stuff"
3. I stepped exactly ZERO parts of my person out into the snow. #hesable #remote
4. No. 
5. Redeemer and Allyson calling to sing happy birthday to miss 11 year old thang. They were laughing and happy and I love them so.
 6. So we are going on trip soon. Of course, I  feel approximately 18 billion different kinds of stressed out about it. It's going to be fine.
7. Today was a rough-ish day. I'll try for less rough tomorrow. You too, ok?

SistaTV Loves you, laughing with my kids, and  deep breathing. #goodnight
Round and round... round we go. #GoodMorning
Tomorrow at church. ???
#Goodnight from a ?child ?of ?God. ? ??

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