Single Mothers Father’s Day or Whoa, there buddy! Your misogyny is showing!

I don’t want to alarm anyone and I ain’t one to gossip so you ain’t heard it from me, BUT apparently there is a rag tag band of violently embittered, single mothers running WILD all over the world and social media engaging in an illuminati inspired bid to co-opt Father’s Day? Y’all, I’m just as SHOCKED as you. When I found out about this major crisis (for whom, exactly??) me and this obviously worthless bastard baby of a sinister single mother were like…

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 5.56.42 PM

But then I remembered I’m not dumb as hell and I was all like…

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 6.08.55 PM


Cause chile, I had absolutely no idea. You would think I would have picked up my father’s day co-opting protocols when I picked up my single mother registration forms  but just like all the welfare and the bitterness I’m supposed to have endless supply of… I still ain’t got none of it.

However, based on the staggering amount of social media foolishness I’ve seen all up and down these internet streets, there are a dangerous bunch of Captain Phillip type pirating single mother’s running around here commanding ownership of Father’s day like it’s an endangered international cargo ship. And furthermore, it seems like you keyboard crusaders and your vitriolic comments now absolutely HAVE to go together like peas and carrots to make sure these single mother bandits are apprehended toot sweet!

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 5.22.24 PM

EVERYBODY PANIC!!! They climbing in your windows and they snatching your neckties up!

Clearly all of your good concerned citizens are dedicated not only to posting WorldStar fight videos but you have also nobly pledged to use your social media platforms for the greatest good (lulzforever) by hatefully blasting women because you are just doing your civic duty to protect your misogyny? Hallmark? Your daddy? Or something …

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 5.42.45 PM

It’s really surprising to me because I am a single mother myself, I have a gazillion single parent friends, and I even run a single mother’s group. So if any body should have know about the single mama Father’s Day Set It Off type Heist, it should have been me.

And I don’t know how its possible but all you women haters tireless volunteer single mama monitors will be elated to know not a single solitary one of the single mothers I’ve come across have DEMANDED or even meekly requested anyone recognize them for Father’s Day at all.

None of them are out here trying commandeer your Father’s Day discount at Chili’s.

None of them are asking their kids to call them Daddy.

None of them have shown up at your Daddy’s/husband Grill and demanded that they are the ones who “didn’t even need boil them ribs” at the Father’s Day cookout.

Rest easy, good samaritan. Not a single one of us have stepped over welfare lines to threaten the apparent fragility of Father’s Day.

The single mothers that I know, regardless of the relationships they or their children’s have with the fathers, haven’t said much more than Happy Father’s Day! Some have specifically recognized brothers, uncles, friends, boyfriend’s and husbands who’ve stepped into father figure roles cause they space wasn’t filled. And some have specifically recognized their children’s fathers for making sure the space of father was beautifully filled despite their relationships.  But even the ones who would be well within their rights to read their willfully absent co-parents for FILTH for failing to do the right thing (or anything) for their own children have kept their peace as they handle all the responsibilities of their children today and everyday…

But you know who is stuck on single mothers on Father’s Day?? YOU.

All up and down the TwintasnapbookFace there you are posting and reposting ignorant status after status, poorly written meme after meme, cruelly demeaning and disrespecting single mothers and women everywhere because of these imaginary Single Mothers Father’s Day thieves masquerading as single moms in your feeble mind.

In the great words of famed philosopher, Q-Tip…

“Now, Why you wanna go and do that, love, huh? “

Now, if you ask me I think it’s because too many of y’all are horrible fucked up sexist, misogynistic concern trolling jack-asses who should never be allowed to post public statues   mistakenly believe a lot of ridiculous tropes and stereotypes about single mothers because you are  just plain dumb confused? Jumping on a bandwagon? Actually a hateful person?

Chile, I don’t  claim to know what is going on with any of y’all, and since ain’t nobody ask me shat, I’ll keep all two of my cents, but before I go roll around in my obviously ill begotten single mother alimony/child support/governmental welfare/food stamp/section 8 gains like Scrooge McDuck, I do want to ask you, brave internet commenter….

What’s the end game?

Who is this kind of hatefulness, name calling, women bashing for?

What do you gain by announcing that a women who do what two parents are supposed do, are bitter, busted, and disgusted if they accept a kind word from, or give a kind word to someone who appreciates all they do for their own children?

It may as well come as a surprise to you, but I’ve never wished a woman Happy Father’s Day and i have no intentions to do so…. Furthermore, I am perfectly fine with and stand by your own personal decision not to honor any woman or single mother on Father’s Day or single father on Mother’s day. If you don’t want to honor single parent on the opposite holiday, do you boo!

But why on earth do you have to bash them? Why is so much of this conversation steeped in nastiness?

And most importantly… If someone, chooses to honor the opposite single parent on the holiday….   WHY DO YOU CARE?

I don’t give not a one damn, if a single father who parents alone enjoys Mother’s Day because who cares??

It’s foul y’all… And you really need to stop. For too many reasons for me to name but mostly because of one thing…

You know who I have seen say Happy Father’s Day, Mama or Happy Mother’s Day, Daddy…

The kids.

The children who were raised in a homes where a mother or a father can easily be passed over on any holiday simply because they are not there.

In classes, when kids make Father’s Day cards and gifts, is little Billy supposed to just sit there and twiddle his thumbs cause his Daddy disappeared? NO. He’s going to make his painted macaroni poster’s for the father figure’s in his life and if he happens to give it to his Mother. She’ll say, Thank you and move the hell on with her day.

Why won’t you?

And there are the adults who are grown enough to know the sad truth that on the Father’s Days the spent as a child, Daddy wasn’t there but Mama was… These are the people who participate in this kind of video. And since having a parent taken away for any reason is terrible; it’s especially painful if the reason is being born to a parent who was too *(&(^&^*^*%*# to help raise them….

I’m going to just let them big up their mom’s just a little bit for this one extra day for all the extra work they saw their mother do for them everyday and keep it pushing.

The fact is parents can have a Titanic filled BOAT FULL of issues with each other about every thing, but if you are there for your children you’ll get a Happy Mother’s Day, Mama and a Happy Father’s Day, Daddy and there won’t be any questions about who deserves what.

But apparently there are questions.

So now I have a suggestion…. Instead of bashing those who’ve had to step into the roles of both mother and father, why not call the parents who you KNOW have allowed their roles to be left vacant to task?

Not bash, hell not even criticize just talk to them and Ask them to step back up and into their own flesh and blood’s lives.

Why not spend your Father’s Day Women Bashing energy on encouraging and actually assisting your friends, cousins, uncles, boyfriends, husbands, brothers, Daddys, sons, co-workers, or whatever man you know who is falling short on a responsibility to his children to step up and step in to his rightful position? Same thing for women who are falling short on Mother’s Day…. How can you help these people help their kids?

Maybe they won’t step up to do the mommy/daddy stuff that the present parent can’t or shouldn’t have too…. but why won’t you?

Want a single mother to make sure her kids know Father’s Day is for Father’s?

Be a father figure.

Instead of spending your day fighting with supposedly bitter people about what they should be doing why not spend the day with a fatherless kid who is missing out on this day, too? I’m 100%  sure there are more kid’s suffering through that then there are people co-opting holidays.

Where are your impassioned pleas for them?

Too many of you KNOW and associate with men and women who are terrible and/or willfully absent in their kids lives but #kermitlife…. That’s none of your business??

But in the off chance a single mama might get an extra pat on the back this day you at your keyboard like this….


FOR WHY??? God forbid there could be 4 single parents who get to experience the supposedly undeserved privilege of the special kind of hell that is an unsolicited holiday group text….

So why is THIS your business, Captain Save A Holiday??

Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are going to be just fine.

Look, the fact is everybody has their own relationship with their parents, co-parents, these holidays, and life is hard as hell sometimes.  A kind, supportive word on any day, holiday or not, can do a lot of good for someone just trying to make it through. Male or Female. Mom or Dad.

Just be kind and please, kindly keep your hateful business off everyone especially single parents, their children, and any man or woman who steps up handle the business of doing the work of two because of someone who couldn’t or wouldn’t the work of one.

SistaTV loves you…

P.S. Too many of you are going to trot out this hackneyed sob story so many willfully absent parents and their defenders use that usually includes “he/she is keeping my kids away from me!!”

First, that is a rare situation, short of abusive situations, 99% of single parent everywhere are grateful to have a partner to shoulder the enormous responsibilities of parenting.

Furthermore, go sit in a family court room on any given day, right and wrong, you’ll watch dozens of men and women who shouldn’t be awarded joint care or custody of a dead gnat be given that and generous visitation because the court system is dedicated to keeping both biological parents active in children’s lives.

Maybe it won’t be the amount of time you want, maybe it won’t be how you want it, maybe they won’t live where you want, but if you want to see your kids and are not actively abusive or a clear and present physical threat to your kids, they will let you see your kids and remain an active part of their lives.

So be actively honest and go see your kids if you want to… or at the very least be actively honest enough to admit that there are way too many parents who aren’t doing anything for their children and refrain from bickering and bashing the people who are.

PPS. Because this post is not about me, I refrained from talking about my dad or my kid’s dad but it seems appropriate to say that despite whatever major and/or minor issues, I may have or had with them or they may have or had with me… Today, I wished them both Happy Father’s Day. No one person is all one thing and one of things that they both are are men whose children grew up calling them Daddy because they are Fathers who have contributed to their kid’s lives. Happy Father’s Day.






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