SistaTV Presents: A tale of two cities

This last year, has been one of the hardest, most trying, crazy times in my life. Currently, every single thing about my life is in transition The best way I can describe it is ” SistaTV presents: A Tale of Two Cities 2013. ” It was the best of times… It was the worst of times…” But what I know to be true for all highs and lows of life is that there is always a lesson… So what have these times of tremendous trouble and terrific triumph taught me?

Well… it taught me… ME…. You know, who IS this Senam, girl? Who is this Senam I see shining back at me through videos, pictures, and silly social media postings and in the mirror? Is she real? Real deal Holyfieled. Is she is strong? Unyieldingly so.

She is a survivor. She shows up. She delivers. She will fight through hellfire, brimstone, and whatever to get where she needs to be and to get to all the many wonderful places she is destined to go. She’s fearless. She’s brave. She’s talented. She’s blessed. She’s a beast. She’s a winner. But most importantly….

She is the heroine of her life.

I can save myself. And if the knowledge that I am the heroine of my own life is the only lesson I will learn from the losses I’ve suffered lately… It was worth every single tear, trial, and trouble….

So, no I didn’t win this competition…This win was for Catherine and I’m happy to support and congratulate her in her victory. This was a hard fought battle and she won. She did an excellent job and I will be rooting for her, Ina, Donny, Sarah and the other 1000 people that all wanted this to be the door that would open for them… We all did great and should be so proud.

I’m forever grateful to David, Jacqui, VJ, the entire Check Please and WTTW family. This has truly been an amazing life affirming experience. I can not thank you enough. And you better believe you will hear from me again and again and again…

But, yes, this door is closed. And yes, I am absolutely heartbroken about it… But even in this moment of real sadness, I know that somewhere, not very far away, there is another door flung wide open and waiting for me, and me alone, to walk thru it to my real Victory.

So I already won. Not just because I learned what I have within me. I learned how loved, supported, and cared for I am by all of you. My family and friends are an extraordinarily magnificent group of wonderful people and I am thankful for you all in a way for which there are no words…

Every Prayer, Every vote, Every comment, Every message, Every Smile, Every moment of kindness from you all has helped me make it this far. And we have come a VERY long way, baby. So thank you for your support, your kindness, and your joyful spirits of ” You can do it, Senam” , ” We believe in you, Senam” and so much more… I needed that… All of this love has propelled me from dreamer to doer. And from fear unto faith… And now I know that Between you, Me, and God… Truly… Nothing is Impossible…

I, mean, its pretty astonishing when you think about it… We were just a hair or two a way from pulling this thing off against all odds… Can you imagine what kind of spectacular realities will come my way when it really is my time to shine? I can… I can see my future victories clearly and I can even see yours…

So I won’t stop fighting for my dreams and you better not stop fighting for yours… Its coming, ya’ll… Very, very soon… And good God, Its going to be amazing… Senam, Bomaye. I’m going to shake up the world… Just you wait and see. #sistatvlovesyou #nowyouloveyou #nothingisimpossible



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Hello, Love! I'm SistaTV!

Senam SistaTV Amegashie

Senam SistaTV Amegashie

Welcome, Darling... So I'm supposed to write something really amazing here... But in the words of the greatest philospher of our time... Ain't nobody got time for that. I kid. I kid. Kinda. I'll update this someday... but for the time being... Just click around... and remember... SistaTV Loves You!


My mommy made me breakfast.  MAMATV FOR THE WIN!!! #dontjealousme #lolyoushouldtotallyjealousme #aldiorangejuiceinafancyglass #pandaexpresshaspaperplates #whoknew #weclassy #whoohoo #illalwayslovemymama #shesmyfavoritegirl
Good ?? #Ghanaian ??Jollof ??oohhhh!!! ????????????
So much bliss... #goodmorning
Hey, Hello, Hello...
SistaTv's Daily Gratitude List #sdgl
1.  I get ridiculously sick when I'm pregnant. Its not like anything you imagine.... it's worse.I threw up at minimum 7 times every single day of my pregnancy, I had an at home nurse to come give me ivs, a permanent zofran drip in my thigh, my pelvis dislocated, so I had a walker and a wheelchair,  I broke out in itchy rashes everywhere, scratched so much and on and on and on... 2.  When I was like 5.5 mos pregnant I got so dehydrated I passed out. In the emergency room, they took an ultrasound and told me the baby was perfectly fine but they needed to keep me at the hospital. 
3. When I got up to the room, the doctor was doing his rounds and came to check on me but the ultrasound from the er was not in my chart. 
4. He called down there but nobody picked up...As he opened the door to go check at the nurses station a tech was walking by with an ultrasound machine. He stopped her and said you know what let's just do an ultrasound here again and not waste time trying to find the other one. 
5. As he was doing the ultrasound, he was chatting me up and telling me this is good that is good, but then suddenly, I saw his face change, he stopped mid sentence.
6. Whats wrong? Silence. He spent a few moments flicking that ultrasound thingy across my belly in silence and then looked at my chart again weirdly. 
7. He said, Uh so did they tell you anything was different while you were down there? 
8. I am in a panic at this point. I say uhh no. They said everything is fine with the baby and you are going to say the same thing now too, right? 
9. He pointed to the screen... Yes everything is fine buttttt... this is Baby A... He moved his probe a little a and widen the screen... and...
10. "This is Twin B." .
 SistaTV loves you, correcting people who say, "Oh TWINS oh you have Double Trouble"  by saying, "No Beloved... I have Double BLESSINGS" and his Mama call him Clay... Imma call him Clay. #goodmorning #twinmama #twinboys #worthit
@rudyfrancisco wrote this. He is as brilliant as the sun. Go buy TWO of his books now. It's called Helium... You are welcome. SistaTV loves you, beautiful words,  and the way Rudy Franciso writes them. #goodmorning #rudyfrancisco
Hello & welcome to today's Miracle. ISSA WHOLE ENTIRE MEDICAL STUDENT!  #yaslawd #whitecoatceremony #AmegashieGirlsAlwaysFinishFirst #theysaidholdyourapplause WE AIN'T HOLD A single solitary bit of AP or Plause. #screamedloudaf #10of10willscreamagain #choreographingourdanceforgraduationalready #ghanajollofforthewin
On the day of my birth my Father wanted to name me Eunice. But my brothers said it should be Senam... because Senam means God's gift. #happybirthdaytome

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