SistaTV Daily #10 – Unable to Elsa

I volunteer as a tribute…

Well, No… Actually,  I volunteer YOU as a tribute.

For what?

Well, I’m volunteering you to take over all my problems.

Why.. Well, obviously, you like problems.

I know you are sitting there vigorously shaking your head like, “Nu UH, SistaTV, I’m over here trying to live my best, most peaceful and problem free life. EVER”




I see you all up and down my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and in all aspects of your life complaining, crying, and losing your mind over a problem that you could easily exclude yourself from and get the hell on with your life.

You are a volunteer participant in your pain… and you keep it going with nonsense when you know you don’t have to.

If you are going to continue to be down for creating and continuing extra problems in your life I’d like to help you out by giving you all of mine cause… I’M. NOT. GOING.

I don’t do it anymore. I have purposefully, carefully, and completely excluded myself from any volunteer problems that are not absolutely necessary for my survival and my life and joined team

Not today, Satan.

Not tomorrow, Terror.

NOT EVER, Devil.

I don’t fight nobody for nothing. (triple negative for the win)

Because I don’t have to.

I don’t prove any points about who I am and what I am or am not going to take by spending any time arguing with anyone who is dedicated to misunderstanding me. I let my life and my actions do the fighting for me.

I do what I’m going to do. Take what I want to take, leave the rest for the fighters, and there is no problem.

I won’t  and don’t feel insulted, assaulted, or upset about any thing that I don’t absolutely have to be. And even then, I experience the experience, note the circumstances that led me to this nonsense, try to learn what I need to learn, and then I let that mess and go and KEEP IT MOVING.

That is not to say I don’t have problems… That is to say I made a CHOICE, because we all have  choice and I’m choosing absolutely zero volunteer suffering.

A lot of us are stuck wallowing and wilding out in a lot of mess that we don’t have to be.
Some of you swear you are drowning in the murky filthy, shallow side of the pool of unnessecary BS and are screaming at other people, at the world, at your bank, your mama, your man, your woman, your friends,and your child to throw you a damn life raft when you know good and well…

1. Them folks barely have one for themselves or even know where to get one
2. If they did they would NEVER give it to you

You need to steady your own body, claim your own life, and calm your own mind. You need to put your feet firmly on the ground that is underneath YOU, RIGHT NOW, and stand up and walk right out of that kiddie pool of pain and unnecessary problems and walk onto to your rightful place on pleasure island.

The plan boss… The plan…

So where is Pleasure Island…

Well pleasure island is anywhere where, No is a complete sentence. Where you understand that everything doesn’t need YOUR response. Where you understand that you alone are enough and where you finally BELIEVE that people, places ,and things are exactly what they have consistently revealed themselves to be.

If this person, place or thing has been a problem forever… They are a problem.

So quit participating in the problem. Really, You could probably stop participating in 99.5% of your problems tomorrow.

But if you aren’t ready for that kind of gangstas paradise, all you have to do is limit it.

Limit your participation.

You know, your coworker is going to leave her coffee cup in the sink despite your 50-11 passive aggressive signs about keeping your shared work space clean. So you can be mad about it. You can directly confront her about it ONCE and then you can look over her cup and get on to your own biznass cause, WHY DO YOU CARE??

. Or you could chalk it up to whatev’s take the 30 seconds to wash it your self and keep it pushing.

Its not the problem, its your participation.

You know every year, your cousin Nae Nae or Jim Bob is going to eat up all the food at Thanksgiving, not bring not even a Aldi brand pack of Hawaiian Sweet Rolls, pack up 17 to-go containers, and be gone before the first drop of Palmolive hits the dish sponge.


But instead you pissed while you brining the bird, you annoyed while you mashing the potatoes and you got an attitude when its time to be thankful and eat. All because a problem that you knew was a problem… was a problem.

Let me encourage you to renounce your goodstanding and lifetime membership on Team Unable To Elsa and




SistaTV Unable to Elsa

You have 2 options.
1. Don’t invite cousin Nae Nae.
2. Invite her and don’t give a single, solitary, good, greasy, GATdamB about anything she does or does not say or do to you.

You don’t have to be rude about it. You don’t have to have an attitude about it. In fact, I encourage you to be completely and totally kind and pleasant about it… Because you won.

I googled “who gives a damn?” and our names did not come up in the results… GLOORRAAYYY!

You are now suckafree and got one less problem with out him so you should be pleased as that spiked punch you should have made. :p

I mean do what you gotta do… But by ANY MEANS NECESSARY you do NOT have to participate in the problem anymore. Ever. AT ALL.

Some of you have issues with your exes, or wish they were exes. Somebody broke your heart did your wrong and F’ed you over. Or someone IS Currently breaking your heart, doing you SO wrong and F-ing you over…

So sad. Too bad, my friend… But, baby you need to ELSA. ELSA. ELSA. ELSA.

Why you all on their Facebook, in their Instagram, all up and through their blog/tumblr/and twitter? Why you texting them? Why you returning their calls? Why isn’t their number blocked?

What good are you expecting to come of this? This person did you wrong. They did you dirty. They lied. They disrespected you. They broke your heart. They are not the one. You are not together or you know you shouldn’t be. But you want to know what they are doing for why?

Or even WORSE… you want to be their FRIEND???


Why are you still participating in any kind of relation with them at all?

But there you are pouting at ya house, vague booking at work, and living your worst life ever all because you continue to sign up for volunteer beatings from somebody who you know had NO problem giving you the 1,2, sucker punch last time.

WHY Felicia?!  BYE FELICIA!!!

When you engage in any of these behaviors you are the only one hurting YOURSELF. You are  re-injuring, the injury this situation or that fool caused you by being mad, hurt, or upset about a problem that is no longer a problem but is a problem strictly because you keep participating in said problem.

Read that TWICE.

And sugarpie honeybunch, THAT is the problem…. but giving up your participation is the solution…

SistaTV loves you but I DEMAND that you STOP. Here’s hoping today’s blog and podcast will help you pump ya breaks… I love you. I love you. I love you.

Here’s the link to Johnathan Mead’s quote:

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