SistaTV Daily Podcast #6 – You Talk too much and you never shut up…

My brother Teddy… is a DJ. This would have been an obvious assumption for me to make about his life path because as a child all Teddy did was MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC, AND more MUSIC… Well that and tease his little sister… LOL

But Music was even the main weapon in his sister teasing arsenal.

Whenever I became the typically annoying bratty little sister he would bust out one of his favorite RUN-DMC rhymes for me…

You’re the instigator, the orator of the town
You’re the worst when you converse, just a big mouth clown
You talk when you’re awake, I heard you talk when you sleep
Has anyone ever told you, that talk is cheap

You talk too much You never shut, up!!
I said you talk too much Homeboy you never SHUT UP!!!

Mostly he would just shout the ” You talk to much and you never shut up” lines at me. Back then and still now it was annoying because that’s what Big Brothers are… ANNOYING ;P.

But when I was listening back to Today’s podcast that memory flooded my head and and I realized that Benjamin Franklin, My Brother, Teddy, and Run-DMC had all been telling me the same thing for years… I talk to much and I never shut up… So oddly enough this daily podcast is me shutting up. I’m shutting up putting my money, my time, and my effort where my mouth is and I’m getting ‘er done…
Talk is cheap and well done is and a feels fantastically good.

So what are you going to shut up about? Don’t tell me…. Show me.

SistaTV Loves you, Her brother, and the fact that I’m 6 days done. Good Morning Conqueror!



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