May the spirit of fuck it be upon you…or How to be eleven.


At about 5:37am this morning… I told LittleSistaTV that the spirit of fuck it is upon her and I was sick of it.

Despite my potty mouth here… I rarely, if ever curse at my kids or around them. It’s just not my style and they always panic when I  do cuss… BUT the spirit of fuck was upon her to tough and….

She is 11 now and is 11 now and also… she is 11 now.

If you have never had an 11 year old girl child that is 11 and feel a way about me saying that to her…. YOU CAN SHUT ALLLL OF THE FUCK UP. If you have ever had to walk up on your child just like this….

….and you and said child are still above the ground…  and nobody is locked up…. You already know this struggle, sympathize with me completely and know that sometimes the ONLY silver lining is just hoping that God is using this child to test your patience and if you can just get them through this alive and remain sane… God will like maybe give you the big piece of chicken in the Heaven cafeteria line. Maybe…

Ultimately,  I know she is honestly doing the best she can for the most part. But sometimes…. just like myself and the rest of the world sometimes she makes mistakes along the way…

Yesterday night she was too tired to finish all of her homework… The very same homework that I have been asking her about… The very same homework that she should have already done like I (clap) had (clap) already(clap) told(clap)her(clap)little(clap) ass(clap) to(clap) do!

But she didn’t and was now whining about it cause she was embarrassed, and worried and tired and ….. ELEVENNNN.

So I said my WooSahs and said…  Okay fine. If you are too tired to finish now. You can go to sleep BUT you have to set your alarm early enough to wake up and finish the last bits…

She said okay Mommy and off she went.

Cut to this morning….

She didn’t set her alarm.

So this morning when I busted in her room and SLAMMED ON HER LIGHTS and snatched her out of bed looking like this:

I was kinda sorta tired of her shit. LOL.

SistaTV: Did you set your alarm?

LittleSistaTV:  I tried to. And then I was pushing buttons. and then the music kept coming on. and then the alarm said 00:59. and I didn’t know why it said 00:59. and then I just got frustrated and was tired and I unplugged it and just went to sleep.


LittleSistaTV: I’m sorry, Mommy…

And then I told her about herself …. And she is now sitting on the couch across from me trudging through the albatross that is 6th grade Algebra and Social Studies.

Sigh… We gone make it. I know we will. She’s smart, kind, respectful, helpful, powerful, thoughtful, determined and wants to do well in all things. She’s also 11…and even though she thinks she knows EVVEERRYYYTHING… she’s still figuring it all out.

My job is to help her get through it and further equip and remind her that it’s perfectly fine to make mistakes and with time, effort, good faith and allll the good and wonderfulness that she has had in her since birth she can figure all this out…

And I’m still figuring that out but I’m also smart, kind, respectful, helpful, powerful, thoughtful, and determined and want to do well in all things.

But since I’ve had 38 years to fuck up and fix not just 11…

I have learned the special secrets…

  1. Nobody actual knows shit about shit… We are all just trying.

And most importantly for todays blog….

2. The spirit of fuck it… can actually be a good thing.

Frankly, I need more of it.

She needs less of it but all of us need some of it.

Next time, I tell her to set her alarm and she doesn’t… I’m going to enact my Spirit of Fuck It and let her spirit of fuck it bless her with the natural consequences of not doing what you’re supposed to do and WE(clap)GONE(clap)SEE.

Additionally, I’m going to continue to teach her and remind myself how and WHEN to use the spirit of fuck it wisely.

For Example:

Rando random nobody has something hateful, negative and based in nothingness to say about you and your life and birthright of flawless victory?

May the Spirit of Fuck IT (and them) be upon you in every way. 

Working on something that you are completely passionate about that you believe is a part of your true life’s purpose?

Never Fuck it… always Kill IT. 

Working on something that is NOT your life’s purpose that is KEEPING you from finding true joy and peace?

Do what you gotta do to get your through and to the next place and then… Fuck it. All of it. Fuck(clap) every(clap)single(clap) solitary(clap)peace(clap)of(clap)it and go live, Sis.

That shitty little voice in all of our heads that makes you worry about things that do not matter, tell you you can’t, that you are not enough or tries to discourage you from living your best life in any way?

A HEAPING HEALTHY HUGE ASS HELPING OF The Spirit of Fuck it every single time. You are enough. You are worthy. You can. You will. You are. 

Make an honest mistake and can’t figure out how to fix it?

Bless your mistake with the spirit of fuck it.  Then bless yourself with some mindless bravery and be fearless enough to look at what you did wrong, fix what you can fix, ask for and get any and all help you need.  And most importantly, bless your beautifully, perfectly human self with the spirit of Yas Bish YAS and kill that shit by fixing where you went wrong and living your best life. 

So…. Even though I said nobody know shit… This is the shit I KNOW to be true about my kid.

That girl alwayyyssss gets her shit together. She tells the truth. She is a real life miracle and she has dealt with life’s good and bad with such grace and fabulosity that I am in awe of her in more ways than I will ever have words. I realize that sometimes 11, and school, and friends, and not friends, and life, and learning, can make you forget all the wonderfulness that is inherit in every fiber of your being. I will remind her of her  cause see here breathe is my reminder of God’s.

And I’m just holding out hope that this is just God’s magical mystical marvelous magnificent way of teaching me how to have more patience and even more fuck it… so I think we are going to make it

I’m using my spirit of fuck it wisely and reminding myself that God’s got us and both she and are conquerors… and baby… Conquerors always win.

SistaTV loves you, a girl as bright and glorious as the Sun, and FriYAYs.

PS: I wrote this two weeks ago… She turned 12 today… Mama we made it. 




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Senam SistaTV Amegashie

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SistaTVs Daily Gratitude List #sdgl
1. Hey Senam, Ain't you supposed to be ack-ing a whoolllleee entire "living ya best life. What yo name is?" FOOL at the #SilverRoomBlockParty? Yes. Yes I am buttttt.... ??? 2. My block party fit and fragrance combo was certain to have somebody's son tongue tied and singing Jagged Edge before I made it to the end of the block #weaintgettingnoyounger #wemightaswelldoit  #raincheckmeboo #godblockedit

3. Instead... I'm about to put on a level four Hazmat suit, gloves, and the armor of the lawd.... smelling like Lysol, Bleach, and eau de hand sanitizer.  #nottoday 
4. Everybody relax... we are currently quarantined and contagious but they are fine. We are home now and all is well. #wayupifeelblessed

5. All three little birds are at least 100000 feet taller, bigger, smarter, cuter and more everything than when they left. #howsway 
6. We have snacks on snacks on snacks, Netflix, plenty of meds, wifi, and each other.... Ain't no other place I'd rather be. #iwonthekidlottery 
SistaTV loves you, a whole summer of fun fun fun, and Singin' sweet songs & melodies pure and true... #thisismymessagetoyououou
SistaTVs Daily Gratitude List #sdgl
1. When I was house hunting... I wanted a porch soooo bad... but I would think... "come on... Senam? How you going to waste God's time asking for a whole entire Black Barbie dream house worth of stuff and then have the audacity to put a porch on top?" 2. A few weeks ago when I was shopping with Solstice. That foolywang said.... Hey mommy... how come you don't ever wear shorts? I was like "WhatEVER SUSSSS of course i wear sh-" buuuttt I couldn't think of a single solitary time in her 12 years of life that I for sure remembered being in shorts. 
3. I ordered 50-11 pairs in all lengths... 4. I been wearing them buuttt... tbh I been only wearing the longer ones out and about.
5. Brandy and Samantha have made it their life's work to constantly gas me up and insist I stop wearing so many damn clothes.... Kimmah has also joined the #issasnack choir. 
6. When I was younger MamaTV would always, always, always, call me Big Legs and say... "Looook at those big ole legs. Looookk at them...." She said it in Ewe and meant it in a good way but I didn't get then and I hated it so so much.
7. Next week, I'll be 39. Me and my big ole legs got my porch.... So...look at those big ole legs....Look at 'em. 
SistaTV loves you, 'Document the moments you feel most in love with yourself - what you're wearing, who you're around, what you're doing. Recreate and repeat.' -Warsan, and vacation soon.
Raise your hand if this quote has you feeling very attacked right now. #welldamn ?????????????????????????
SistaTv's Daily Gratitude List #sdgl
1. Sometimes when Clay sees me he says, " Hey, Best Friend!" and  we crack up laughing... #myclayclaytheflayflay #hedontplayabouthisbestfriend
 2. Solstice tried to pack everrrrryyyyy comb in the my bedroom and hers to take with her to camp. 5 combs for 12 days, Sis. Issa NO. #alsoissaME
3. Cassius is the most literal person I know. Me: Okay, we need to go at 11... Cassius is In the car seat belted at 10:56. No shoes. No teeth brushed and deodorant where? Butttt Mommy I was in the car at 10:56. You said we needed to go. #hesrightyouknow
4. They are the reason I know that God is real. #iwonthekidlottery #godissodope #threelittlebirds
5. Waaaayyyy up I feel blessed.
6. I have a million times more peace, joy, faith, abundance, happiness, health, and love than I ever could have imagined then. 
7. I am absolutely bursting with excitement and complete certainty that five years from know I'm going to have a billion times more of all of that and every good and wonderful thing I desire. #iveonlyseenafractionofafraction #greaterisminehereinthislife #areyoureadyforamiracle #readyasicanbe

SistaTV loves you, Jehovah Jirah My Providah, and Happy. Thank You. More, please. #goodnight
SistaTv's Daily Gratitude List #sdgl 
1. I just woke up. #napsarethebest
2. I talk all day. Every so often, I lose my voice and I always evaluate what God is asking me to shut the fuck up about. #waitonhisword
3. Cutting cable is one of the dopest things I've ever done.
4. Like excellent rap lyricists? Go to your favorite music streaming service & type in "Mark Ace WOLVES" and then search " Tobe Nwigwe I Choose You" and get your entire life.  #bars 
5. I'm about to call my mama and giggle with her. #hashtagblessed
6. One of my kinks is reading the captions and comments men post with the pictures of their wives/ girlfriends. They are usually both hilarious and really really sweet. I loveeee all of them. What can I say... I'm an endless romantic. #nothopeless #theonlylovewerecognizeisendless
7. Glasses. 
SistaTV loves you, sleep, and seeing what Love Is each and every bright, bright, bright, sunshiny day... #happyfriyay
Don't be scared, Beloved. Say?? it?? with?? ya?? chest. ??? #squeakywheelgetsthegrease #goodmorning
SistaTv's Daily Gratitude List #sdgl 
1. Dear God... I love the way you think. 
SistaTV loves you, quickly, and completely.  #happyfriyay #mamawemadeit
Happy. Thank You. More Please. #goodmorning #sistatvlovesyou

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