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Hello, Love! I'm SistaTV!

Senam SistaTV Amegashie

Senam SistaTV Amegashie

Welcome, Darling... So I'm supposed to write something really amazing here... But in the words of the greatest philospher of our time... Ain't nobody got time for that. I kid. I kid. Kinda. I'll update this someday... but for the time being... Just click around... and remember... SistaTV Loves You!


Get it in. Get it good. Get it Done... with a little bit of delicious help from my new Bestie @rockinrefuel... And my raggedy gym towel of course... ??? #SocialSpotters #ad
You must not know bout me. You must  not know about meeeeee... ??
The kids and I just picked up our new favorite delicious treat from the good folks @rockinrefuel !  Grab this protein packed delight from the dairy case at your local Jewel store. A Chocolate lover's dream and good for you too????!! Grab some  and go enjoy this beautiful day in #chicago? !  #SocialSpotters #ad
SistaTV's  Daily Gratitude List  #SDGL 
1. Old pics. 
2. This little girl of mine is pure magnificence. 
3. Not attending every argument... I'm invited too.
4. Fri-YAY.
5. Clay: "Mommy, can I snuggle with you a little bit."
6. 4 years ago, my whole entire life was something else.
7. Today, It's something better than I could have ever, asked thought or imagined.
8. 4 years from now it will be even better than this. I'm ready, Lord. Have your way. 
9. Tanya: " Just wait on HIS word, Sis" 
10. Sade.

SistaTV Loves You, the dude who sings "Yeah, Yeah" SUPER HARD in "Nothing Can Come Between Us", and Psalms 27.
This whole sunny disposition even when you are sick thing is on its last leg over here... WHY DIDN'T I GET THE FLU SHOT?¿?... i blame my inner hotep conspiracy theorist... #ashe and #achoo kangs and qwains.
This meme is the work of the enemy. I rebuke it in the name of the LAWD. #thebloodofjesuswillneverloseitspower Not Today. Not Tomorrow. Not ever, satan.
SistaTV's Daily Gratitude List. #SDGL 
1. 8 years on ago, as this picture was being taken, I sat watching this scene unfold on my television screen... Holding my breath.

2. " You remember that amazing feeling we had during the inauguration? I was sitting right next to you. We were so proud. And we saw him, get out of that limo, and walk alongside of it, and wave to that crowd. Tell me you weren’t terrified when you saw that. Tell me you weren’t worried that someone was gonna snatch that hope away from us like they always do." - Blackish

3.Take a breath y'all... They made it and we did too.

4. Unbelievable. 

SistaTV loves you, 2989 days of unbelievable wins, and all the even more unbelievable wins that yet to be won. Fired Up. Ready to go. #goodmorning
I love bread.

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